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Daylilies, first time flowerers.


By siris


These are Hemerocallis flowering on my allotment this year from crosses ive made.
The first 2 have as one parent Black Arrowhead and resemble somewhat its colouring.

However although this has similar colouring it shows the influence of the enormous size of its other parent, the Spider, Lady Neva. I like this.

First time flowering for the next 2, although similar coloured seedlings from the same pods flowered last year.

As I go to the allotment only if its not raining, i missed this next one opening in its prime, and is now finishing. I am hopeful of this, hopeing it is simply the bad weather that has spoiled it.

At Home 2 more. I wanted to fill in my Gou file, but am not sure to what entry these refer, either Oomo (ones of my own) or unlabelled plants i was given.

I can identify from where the Double Peach came, but not the yellow, ive just one Gou entry saying unlabelled.

i have realized that the tone of Hemerocallis colour can differ somewhat and that the plants need a couple of years to reach their full potential or otherwise, ie prone to gallmite. I hope not.

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have you suffered well your daylilies that is, suffered much from gall midge mites this year? I have 3 that get it quite bad and i am very careful and remove the distorted buds as soon as I see them. I keep hoping that i will manage to break the cycle.

the ones you have in this blog are lovely. I have decided to dig out a huge group of H fulva the semi double one as it is taking over a large bit of a small bed and I want it for other things.

11 Jul, 2021


Yes, some of my Dayliies do get infected with Gall Midge.
I do take off any distorted buds and dont put on the compost heap. Also I dumped the early flowering variety, Long Stockings as it always seemed to suffer from Gall M.
Space Coast Dragon Prince (super colouring) in the past, has had Gall Midge, but this year hasn't flowered yet. I have used pollen from it onto late flowerers, which are 'clean' now but totally different in colouring. Apparently the Gall Midges lavae emerge early from overwintering in the soil and infect the early flowerers so any ive bought were classed as late flowerers, but with the uncertainty in the weather pattern now the plants seem to behave irratically.
I am watching wether the buds on any doubles are simply 'squatty' and the resulting flowers distorted due to gene instability. Also i need to look into wether the infected plants keep some foliage over winter. The leaves of my semi double H. fulva are shed completely in autumn and i religously bin. It is a hugh clump, but always flowers cleanly but late.
The seed Crosses on the allotment have never been in contact with any infected plants/soil.

11 Jul, 2021


How interesting to see what comes from your crosses. I really like the 4th picture, yellow one. I, too, have removed some hems. this summer: a large group of liliosphodelus which hardly flowered at all. I finally lost patience with it (and me, for hoping it would grow in a too-hot position).

11 Jul, 2021


ANGET, all my Daylilies have been so exuberant this year, all the rain we've had, my ground is usually so hot and dry. My Lilioaspodelus flowers really early, small clump, always clean of Gall Midge. My friend's is a huge clump, hardly flowers, needs dividing.
Read that ladies blog ...are perennials more trouble than they're worth. Haha, Anget.

11 Jul, 2021


Absolutely fascinating the process of crossing and breeding new varieties, such dedication. Let alone the amount of space and time needed for them to reach their potential and decisions to be made of their worth. I only have the common orange ones which were here when we came. They took up so much room and harboured so many snails that they got relegated to the field edge and now flower better and to their hearts content without me muttering.

11 Jul, 2021


You have some lovely blooms and all your own creations, that's wonderful :)

12 Jul, 2021


You have some real winners there. Congratulations, well done!

14 Jul, 2021


Honysuckle, you are absolutely right, Time and space are limited, also the physicsl effort that is needed.

17 Jul, 2021

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