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Mini Blog Lysimachia


By siris


It is my intension to write mini blogs on my mini collections of plants.
The first being Lysimachia because the ones i have are all flowering now.
I do not grow the plain Lysimachia punctata as it is far too invasive, but i grow the brown leaved form for the colour of its leaves. It too runs quite vigerously so needs culling now and again.

Lysimachia puncata Firecracker

Lysimachia ciliata Alexander a variegated one which is well behaved to 75 cm, but mine is probably half that height. My soil is quite dry and compacted where it is placed.

Lastly Lysimachia ephemerum is a tall one, but as i divided the plant last year it hasn’t reached its full stature again. A well behaved plant which i am grow at the back of quite a shady area in my Hosta bed. At the moment it’s an insurance until the second piece is established. The idea is to replace it with a seedling Veronicastrum after the Rogersia on the right has been culled somewhat.

The other half (2nd piece) has been put at the back of Not-A-Bog border, but is not flowering, probably wont this year. I want the white flowers against the dark green foliage of a Cotoneaster.

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I think 'mini-blogs' are often the way to go, Siris, or we end up with dozens of similar pics. in the photos section (like mine, today!)
I have 'Firecracker' struggling in a dry border. It's so resilient - I tried to dig it all out, but it came back despite my efforts. I think I would think twice about placing it in a damper area. Annoyingly, I lost 'Alexander' despite my best efforts. It's a beautiful thing, I think. The Ephereum looks a nice one. I haven't seen it before. Thanks for showing.

21 Jul, 2021


Thanks Anget. I've also discovered that one can add extra photos a long time after the original post and providing the original contributor adds a comment it will reappear to others if they haven't cleared off the entry.

21 Jul, 2021


I do iike Alexander - must look out for it. Guess it makes a nice contrast with Firecracker.

21 Jul, 2021


I have the ordinary one which as you say is invasive, but wow what a punch of colour when it flowers! Also the dark leaved variety which behaves better. I like your idea of a mini-blog as it's difficult to decide what to include in a longer blog, and you have to wait for the photos to load. Love the variegated one, I shall look out for that - when I have found room for all the plants that are waiting to go in somewhere!

22 Jul, 2021


It's nice to see plants I never heard of. This is a pretty one.

22 Jul, 2021


Thank for your comment, its interesting to hear of other's experiences of the various plants posted.
Also a mini blog csn be saved before publishing allowing more time for oneself unlike putting pics in 'Add Photos'.

23 Jul, 2021

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