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Extra Petals/sepals On Daylily.


By siris


This is the first time this has flowered, since i made this cross a couple of years ago. The first flower has 2 extra petals/sepals.

The second and third flowers have normal configerations.
More buds still to open. It is on my allotment but now that Ive seen its colouration and form which I like I will move it to my home garden, along with another couple.of pleasing ones.

I do sometimes get fasciation on some flowering shoots, thats when the stem becomes wider and flatter, usually on Linaria purpurea in my home garden.
In this case I think its due to my putting too much stable manure (well rotted) around the plants prior to the flowering season.

20 May 2017 I had doubling of the petals on Frere de Messire Bearded Iris on the terminal bud. It has never done it again since.

It is not known for certain what causes these aberrations, genetics, damage or environmental, but definately a talking point.

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Strange but lovely, my daylily Stafford had a flower with extra petals a couple of years ago :-)

28 Jul, 2021


strange but beautiful. I get delphiniums and foxgloves doing fasciation.

28 Jul, 2021


Ive had a Cymbidium Orchid with a siamese twin flowerhead.

29 Jul, 2021

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