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My Beautiful Cotinus


By siris


My Cotinus which I planted against the back garden rear fence was probably over 20 years old when I took this photo on 6 October 2017. As you can see it produced those lovely purple leaves each year.

You can see it had increased in height and width considerably by 30 May 3019.

As it is a deciduous plant I planted an evergreen Olive tree on it’s left side.

The Olive even produces flowers although the fruit has never ripened

By 30 September 2020 the back fence looked like this. The orange berried Pyracantha is actually on the adjacent left fence.

On 2 November 2020 Cotinus was as usual showing its beautiful red leaves in Autumn.

However this year 2021 at the beginning of September Cotinus is starting to show die back.

By 9 September the branch was showing more dead leaves.

A couple of weeks later the dead area was extensive.

Researching die back, it appears that Cotinus coggygria is the most common plant to succomb to Verticillium Wilt, a soil borne fungal disease.
Cotinus is no more.
I have removed the tree completely, and burned it all. Also Ive had a small fire sterilisation of the hole and surrounding soil. That is the best I could do.
Branches showing typical symptoms

The fence trellis was rotten, so that also went onto the bonfire and has been replaced with some slats.

Cistus tend to get leggy, so the one on the left needs replacing when I’ve got some cuttings rooted.

Unfortunately Olive trees are another susceptable plant, so I’ll have to keep an eye on it, although it looks healthy at present and there are a few olives ripening.

I am trying to think of this as an opportunity to replant the fence, probably next Spring.

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That is a crying shame Siris. Lets hope your flame sterilisation is completely effective.

28 Oct, 2021


It was a lovely bush Siris. Good that you took few cuttings. Will be curious what you will plant there instead. Good luck with your decision.

28 Oct, 2021


oh that is so sad Siris, but every new space is a new planting opportunity.
keep us up to date on what you do.

29 Oct, 2021


Thank you, li was a crying shame, but ....
Ive several Salvias- herbaceous, slightly tender and are only small, so I will.keep them in pots and protect them till next Spring, also an evergreen slightly tender Clematis and a v. small Sophora in pots

29 Oct, 2021


I forgot to mention that I like your olive tree very much.

29 Oct, 2021


Such a pretty garden Siris and what a special part your beautiful Cotinus played. So sorry you had to remove it.
As Sbg says, a new opportunity for a new shrub. Looking forward to seeing what you pick..

29 Oct, 2021


Really sad for you to lose such a lovely mature Cotinus … gardening so often gives us heartbreak amid the joy 🙁.

29 Oct, 2021


What a shame Siris, it seems to have happened quite suddenly and what a shock it must have been. It was a beautiful shrub.
I hope your Olive tree will be all right, and I wonder what you'll plant there now.

30 Oct, 2021


Im trying to be positive. I really want an evergreen that will stand close to the slats. The fence behind is not ours, it is the side fence of our neighbours in a cul de sac.

30 Oct, 2021


Griselinia is a lovely bright green evergreen and can be clipped to keep a good shape and size.

30 Oct, 2021


Thank you Khalanie, I cut off that bigger Olive, it was softish to the touch, cut it in half and ate it. Gosh was it sharp.

30 Oct, 2021


I planted a Griselinia variegata last year to hide the fence at the back of the garden. There is a photo on my GoY Garden page should you wish to view it!

30 Oct, 2021


Thank you Shirley, there is a newly planted Griselinia along our road, I'll look at it and see if your suggestion would fit the bill. I also looked at your other shrubs in your Gou garden.
I was thinking of putting an Anisdontea along that fence. It is such a wonderful plant, rapidly growing, so floriferous, but rather lax in habit.

30 Oct, 2021


I had to look Anisodontea up, glad I did as it looks to be very attractive. Lovely Mallow like blooms - better than my suggestion!

31 Oct, 2021


Shirley, I looked at your Comprosma Pacific Sunrise, but decided too tender.

31 Oct, 2021


Isn't Anisodontia only half hardy though? But I do love all the mallow family...

31 Oct, 2021


Such a pity…… it’s always worse when it is a mature specimen….. I should be heartbroken to lose our large olive tree…. will be interested to see what you put in its place!!

1 Nov, 2021


Have you ever pruned your Olive, Dd. I am thinking of removing the branches facing into the garden, come Spring time. Height now, probably 10-12ft, well over the height of the fence.

1 Nov, 2021


We prune it twice a year….and hope for the best…it has a large…well two large trunks now..

1 Nov, 2021


Dd, I remember seeing your Olive tree last time I visited your garden, pre Covid. That seems so many moons ago.

3 Nov, 2021


I know! You must visit next year….. hopefully have a Macmillan coffee morning God willing😍😍😍

7 Nov, 2021

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