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Removing nuisance plants.


By siris


I cut off the seed pods on some of the Hellebores today before they drop the seeds. Also pulled out loads of Sedum. Then I decided to take out a clump of common pink Oxalis and put in its place some Oxalis oregana smalliana between 2 stepping stone because it is smaller in size.
I took 2 pieces from the shady alpine area and duly put into place. Then reducing the clump found that the roots had invaded a large area of the alpine rock garden, took all afternoon to remove it all, I hope. Took out the 2 small bits I just put else where.
My advice dont buy any OXALLIS OREGANA SMALLIANA
Might be small in height but not in attitude!

As this is an old pic from my Gou garden, the pic might disappear,

So I include a pic of Convolvulus cneorum flowering today, needs a tidy up after flowering.

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That's what I found with Saponaria lovely plant but my heaven she does move a lot. I must tidy up the hellebores too before they seed. Oh and dead head the Muscari and daffs.

lets hope the oxalis doesn't come back.

27 Apr, 2022


Thanks SBG, I have so many Muscari, I pull up the leaves and spent flowerheads of my Muscari, hoping the bulbs come out as well. Thats one way of trying to reduce their number.

27 Apr, 2022


Been doing the same,Siris with the Muscari.Not always successful in completely removing the bulbs unless I use a spade.

28 Apr, 2022


I have the common pink oxalis but its on the raised bed right down the bottom of the garden, I don't mind anything spreading down there, makes it easier to manage, I need to deadhead my hellebores but I've been waiting for the aquilegia to get bigger so I know where not to put my feet, the muscari are everywhere, I remove many every year whilst still in the green but it seems to encourage them to spread even further, without clearing the borders completely I'm resigned to the fact that they are winning, the ones I really need to get rid of are the wild white garlic, now they are a nightmare, spread like wild fire, so far contained in only two places, that is going to be a spade job, I made the mistake of buying a pack of mixed bulbs a few years back, now I only buy individual ones with the names on packets....

28 Apr, 2022


Do you have any trouble keeping the convolvulus? I bought one from the Nat. Garden of Wales a few years ago and it was very short lived.

28 Apr, 2022


Thanks for the advice Siris!

28 Apr, 2022


Allium roseum is my bête noir, not only is the mother bulb surrounded with offspring, but the flower heads develope bulbils just waiting to invade. Made a start at removing, now my hands stink of onions!
STERA, Convolvulus is not a long lived plant. I take cutting when it starts to look leggy. This particular plant has lasted really well,perhaps 10 years, much longer than its parent, but its in a dryer sunnier position.

28 Apr, 2022


LINCSLASS, I have Allium triiquestrum but only found about 1/2 doz this year, they are gone for this year's cull, get them out before the flowers open. I don't have much of a problem with Oxalis articularis, find the knobbly rhizomes quite compact, easy to see and remove.
Ps I have to water the soil first in order to get my small fork into the area, ground so dry.

28 Apr, 2022


I think I’ll maybe look at removing my one muscari!!! I’m not sure I want it spreading all over the rockery, especially as I’m not so keen on the ‘leaves’. Got me thinking…

29 Apr, 2022


KATE, If youre worried about the bulbs spreading, sink an empty pot into the rock garden, put the Muscari into another pot of similar size and put ito the sunken pot. Remove any seed pods from the plants before they disperse any seed. The 2 pot system is also useful for putting tender plants out in summer. Disguise the pot rim with some gravel

29 Apr, 2022

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