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Continuing along the shady side


By siris


The conservatory border faces north and only gets sun in the early morning from the east. It is planted with shade lovers.

This Hosta has got so big, I will have to lift and divide or remove, it is outgrowing the neighbouring plants.

That Hosta is dominating all the other Hostas.

Over a manhole cover in the corner sit pots of developing young Lilies. Kirengeshoma Fire Dragon with the shrub Loropetalum Fire Dragon in front.

A close-up of Kirengeshoma

Go past the patio door where I seem to have found a happy place for my Auricula Primulas, not exactly a theatre, rather in the side wings.

At the end is “not a bog”, a small shady rectangular area, where I grow some ferns, Pseudocorus Crill, Zantedeschia, and the vile smelling Dracunculus vulgaris. It does have a spectacular form, strippy stems topped by that spathe, but the smell is so bad I end up putting a poly bag over the spathe.

Here we are at the east facing border which faces the rising sun, the side fence was replaced earlier this year, resulting in the removal of several plants.

To be continued….

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Wow !!! That is one very happy Hosta Siris, you have some wonderful foliage plants here, i like the splashes of colour mixed in amongst them, everything looks so lush, full of health and by the sizes of them definitely vigour....

28 May, 2022


Thanks LincsL, there are about 12 Hostas in this border, say 6 medium size, and the rest small, none (touch wood) slugged, but one is not in good condition because I keep stepping on it, (note to move it)

29 May, 2022


I was going to say exactly the same re the hosta. Lovely.
Shady ladies are usually special aren't they.

look forward to next installment.

29 May, 2022


For a small garden it packs a huge punch!

29 May, 2022


I like your collection of plants Siris, some I've never heard of. Thanks for sharing.

29 May, 2022


I love your hosta Siris and not a nibble in sight!
You have a lovely collection of plants!

30 May, 2022


Ditto, the above.

1 Jun, 2022


I have to say a big wow too! I love your shady area! It’s full of lush and verdant planting! Everything looks apt in its place too! Very well styled there, Sue! Love it!

1 Jun, 2022


Thank you everyone.
Kate, More evolved than planed. If there is an empty place, fill it, before nature puts a weed there!

2 Jun, 2022

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