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Continued ...The New Fence Border, East Facing.


By siris


The Fence was replaced earlier this year with a composite one from the back of our property to the front of the bungalow where it changes to a low brick wall.
These shrubs were pulled forward for the work
The Cotoneaster extends to the left over 2 panels, behind “not a bog”.

Cistus shrubs do get leggy so I take cuttings to replace them every 5 or so years. The purple one is C. incanum creticus and the cream Alan Fadd, they will last a little longer.

Here we have Vestia foetidus, a shrub I grew from seed, evergreen, quick growing, black stems and these yellow flowers have lasted so far for over a month. It does not smell as the name might indicate. Whats not to like.

I have had to put in netting or a trellis to tie the shrubs back, just need to train Vestia to cover that post.
Further to the right a shrubby Salvia Neon and I planted a Rosemary for culinary purposes and a touch of blue. Up to here next doors garden is 2ft lower with a retaining wall where they had a garage. In this narrow border behind my lowest pond are planted dry loving perennials.

Continuing along the second half of the border there is an Eleagnus with yellow variegated leaves and a Pyracanthus, the white flowers of which will develop yellow berries. Between these I have recently planted out a Clematis Winter Beauty.
The back border is accessed by mini Monet bridge over the Primula pond.
In the second pic in front of the bridge is my sunny alpine bed.

A full view of the alpine border and looking up to the north east corner.

A closer view with the Sarracenia pond. The solar panel is to enable me to pump water from the bottom pond to the top.

Now we have return to the Olive tree where we started.
The gap along the back fence in planting is where my deceased Cotinus was removed. I have replanted various plants but they are only small as yet

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I love your garden, you have some lovely plants. Vestia is a much under-rated shrub isn't it?

31 May, 2022


Siris, what a lovely garden you have, so many plants within it!

31 May, 2022


Its really a treat to see all the areas in your garden Siris, I have enjoyed my tours, you have lots of great plants, all looking very happy and healthy, I see you also like a mingle, I didn't find any bare soil, love your style...
Lovely blog and photo's x

31 May, 2022


Thank you for your kind comments. Most plants have been really exuberant this year, I'll need to do some serious pruning and thinning this year.

31 May, 2022


So lovely & full. I do like your garden & the little bridge. Ty
for the tour.

1 Jun, 2022


Lovely blog, Sue! You’ve an abundance of colour and yes, as you say exuberance! Wonderful, though. Agree with Josee - love the little bridge too.

1 Jun, 2022


The bridge is really small and narrow, one has to walk like a catwalk model, one foot directly in front of the other. I put netting on the surface after slipping on it when wet. Not actually very safe.

2 Jun, 2022

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