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By siris


- of hardy Penstemons. In the first 2 pics, Beech Park and Windsor Red, given to me in 2015, the others from seed.

- of Dieramas. These are around the sides of the ponds.

- Daylilies, a slightly bigger collection

And even more,

And yet more one day later.

There are more, later flowering ones, but thats enough at present.

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What a beautiful collection of Penstemons and Dieramas you have Siris.

1 Jul, 2022


Fabulous plants ... love them all!

2 Jul, 2022


I love these genera. Windsor red is a real good doer.
do you have Garnet or George V? if not would you like one?

I used to have one called Eveline, but lost that years ago. Should look for a replacement really.

super blog Siris.

3 Jul, 2022


You have a lovely collection Seaburn!
I just love the blue penstemon! Gorgeous!

3 Jul, 2022


these belong to Siris, wish they were all mine :o)

3 Jul, 2022


Beautiful collages, Sue! You do show off your plants and blooms so well - such wonderful colours you have! Your garden must look beautiful in its entirety!

3 Jul, 2022


Great collections there, Siris. I don't have much luck with 'Windsor Red' or 'George V' penstemons, can't seem to keep them going. I've tried dieramas from seed and can't get them through their first winter, even in the g'house. They all dwindle and die. I shall enjoy yours, instead.

4 Jul, 2022


Thank you for your kind comments, sorry another pic to come.
SBG, thank you for the offer of Penstemon, but Ive really no more room for plants that clump up quickly. If you would like some seed, please say so quickly before I chop off the spent flowers. That Cephalaria is setting seed and much too big for my garden.

4 Jul, 2022


is the cephalaria that pale yellow scabious flowered one? if it is I'd love some seed from that please, as I have lost mine and I have the perfect place for it.

5 Jul, 2022


SBG, Its the one in my photos recently, pale yellow flowers on very tall stems, large leaved loose basal clump.

5 Jul, 2022

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