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Crepis incana - more a question.


By siris


Has anyone grown this plant from seed?
I understood it produces sterile seed or seed of limited viability.

I have seen these seeds offered for sale and other plant seeds with improbable viability, Eg Erigeron Canary Bird.

I do have masses of seed from this short lived plant but cannot get it germinated. I have in the past taken root cuttings but cannot get at the root now without killing the plant.
The 5 yr old parent plant flowered itself to death last year. This looks as if there are going to be copious flowers, then death?
I think I will try fresh seed when it’s ready this year and sow immediately and leave outside.

Another plant I cannot get germinated is Catanache caerulea bicolor. I also took plenty of seed last year and now the plant has gone.

Any other suggestions would be welcomed.

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It is no consolation I know, but I cant get either to set seed for me here either.
I was told I was too far north for successful seed set. I originally grown both from seed and wonder where the plants were grown for the seed collection.

9 Jul, 2022


Crepis: RHS says: Propagate by seed in an open frame as soon as ripe or from seed sown in spring at 15°C (59°F). Should self-seed freely. It didn't when I grew it.

it is a native of Greece.

Catanache caerulea bicolor is non native to the UK , from SW Europe. RHS doesn't say much.

9 Jul, 2022


I am like a dog with a bone!
Thank you for your comments SBG, particularly the bit about where the seed from the original plant were grown. Ive even read to try cold stratification.
I think I'll sow some incanum immediately on a gritty surface, when ripe, and try to replicate a Greek winter, warm, spray sparingly with warm water very occasionally.
Ps, Ive never sent seed of these to HPS seed scheme, knowing of their reputation.

9 Jul, 2022

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