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In the Front garden


By siris


Group plantings in the front garden

Left hand corner

In front a Crinum, a bulb needing winter protection. I put sheeps fleece around it with a small sheet of glass above.
I am thinking of trying a pot of Habranthus in front of this group with a view to planting it out permanently. See how it does.

Hibiscus Oiseau Blue, grown from my ex next door neighbour’s seed

Gladiolus growing along the edge of the path to the front door. I don’t lift or protect the corms overwinter.

As the pic of the Glads was taken in “portrait” configeration on my camera, some of you might see it on sideways. Would you please let me know, Thank you.

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Photo is the right way up for me Siris. I don't lift my glads either, but I did bury them deeper than recommended. Wonder if they behave like crocus and move themselves with contractile roots.

I cant get Habranthus to over winter in the ground but does in the un-heated greenhouse.

lovely blog, really enjoy seeing what is doing well for you.

18 Jul, 2022


Thank you SBG about the image. The Glads I find get elevated as the old corm withers so the new ones are raised in Spring.

18 Jul, 2022


I see it the right way up too,Siris,and what a lovely selection of plants you have.Is that 'Hot lips' on the right,in your first photo? please correct me if I'm wrong. It looks beautiful..:o).

18 Jul, 2022


Bloomer, Glad, glads are the correct way up for you. Yes that is Hotlips. Out of the pic is Phyllis Fancy, Nachtvlinder, Amistad, African Sky and Violin Music, all as big, facing South.

18 Jul, 2022


Thank you,Siris.My neighbour has 'Hotlip's which is huge,and I love it. I wouldn't have recognised it otherwise..

18 Jul, 2022


All facing the right way!
I'm interested to know you have a number of salvias facing south. I have some myself and was dithering about whether they would struggle in my own S.-facing front garden.
It all looks very colourful, Siris. Lots of interesting plants (again).

19 Jul, 2022


All the correct way for me also Siris, its lovely to see photo's of flowers that aren't burnt to a crisp, my daughter has Hotlips but it just won't grow for me, love the Hibiscus all mine are in bud even my new little one, not sure what colour it will be so getting excited, it was a gift from a lovely Goyer amongst other plants, bulbs and grasses that I have received, I love all my garden but I do treasure the gifts I have from goyers......Oops !!!.. I don't lift my glads either but have noticed that the garden gnomes move them over the years..

19 Jul, 2022


Thanks everyone for confiming that my pics are the correct way up.

20 Jul, 2022


Sorry keep commenting. If I write too much in one comment Gou locks me out! Think thats because someone else is using my site at the same time?
ANGET all my Salvias are against the Bungalow wall, but I have kept them in pots till their second season. I only trim off the flowers after flowering now/ late summer and prune the plants fully in Spring. Not all varieties species are of the same hardiness. My local friend and I lost S. Peach Cobbler.

20 Jul, 2022


Why haven't your Gladiolus flopped over in the way mine have?!! I have had to tie them to canes today ... :o(

20 Jul, 2022


Sorry Shirley, no idea. Maybe because the ground is so dry and the Glads stems are becoming dry brittle. Ive already cut out 2 stems which have finished flowering, didnt last long.

21 Jul, 2022


Shame they are not flowering for very long. We actually had some rainfall this morning ... a little but better than nothing!

22 Jul, 2022


All looks very pretty and full of interest in your front garden, Sue! Lots of lushness and colours going on.
I’m pleased you mentioned info on salvias, it’s very good to know! Thanks!

10 Aug, 2022

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