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Friday 13th


By siris


On Friday I walked across the recreation ground to go to the shops to buy a lemon to put into my Calamondin orange marmalade. A miserably wet day but its not that far. Today I went back to take some photos

The changing rooms mark the other side of the rec.
Pic taken from our back upstairs window.

Pics taken today Sunday15th when I went with my camera.
After walking down our road turn right and walk through the rec along the path. Lots of dog walkers today.

Continue along, go left past the Photinia bush to go down to the pathway around the corner between the old peoples’ home and the telephone exchange.

(Back to Friday) just before 3pm Got my shopping and started to retrace my steps. I stopped suppenly as I heard a cracking sound …….

A huge tree with 3 trunks toppled through the wire fencing surrounding the telephone exchange, across the path throught the wire fencing on the other side of the path and destroyed the wooden fence of a private house on the other side.

I was about 18 steps from the disaster. An old gent in a mobility scooter was following behind me.

Today the root ball of the tree has further escaped the soil.

Friday 13th, Luckily I am not superstious.

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I’m so thankful you had a lucky escape Sue … phew!

15 Jan, 2023


wow that was indeed lucky Siris. Just thinking about it makes me shiver.

lovely looking area.

15 Jan, 2023


Crikey Sue! That’s was a pretty traumatic thing to happen right in front of you - you’re right, any further and you’d have been caught under the devastation! It looks quite a scene. I hate the wind, it’s so destructive. Hopefully you put the kettle on once you arrived home -safely.

15 Jan, 2023


Some of those tree must be over 60 years old and already some in the recreation ground have been removed by the council parks dept in the last 5 years.
There is another tree with a thick branch overhanging the path high up, that looks decidedly suspicious, in the grounds of the old peoples' home.

15 Jan, 2023


I am not superstitious either but it seems Friday 13th was lucky for you :)

16 Jan, 2023


Sometimes continued existence is all a matter of timing. Stopping for a few seconds to take a picture saved you from serious injury or death.

16 Jan, 2023


Interesting blog. Very glad that you escaped this near miss. Sounds as though the tree officer needs to check all the trees in your area. The GPO are responsible for that tree however, & it could have been very serious event. Keep us posted re the fall.out, if possible.

16 Jan, 2023


Goodness Siris, what a terrible shock, so pleased you were unharmed. As Feverfew says, those trees must be checked, it could have been a total disaster.
It looks to be normally a nice walk for you to the shops and back. Now you'll be checking overhead for anything that looks suspicious.
The council must surely get the tree surgeons out asap, it's urgent!

16 Jan, 2023


The tree was (at least the root stump still is) in the telephone exchange property. The recreation ground is well maintained by the Council.
Going to be difficult to remove, there is no vehicle access to the path.
I'll probably have a look tomorrow if its not rainning and I take a walk.

16 Jan, 2023


You had a lucky escape there Siris!
A lovely walk and thanks for sharing.

17 Jan, 2023


I agree with Rose ...

18 Jan, 2023


It's all been said - thank goodness you weren't any nearer!

Hope you get to hear why it fell in due course.

18 Jan, 2023


Good grief , thank goodness you escaped what could have been a disastrous Friday 13th,it's true you only have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time ....

19 Jan, 2023


The tree is still blocking the footpath, but a path to the main road is on our side of the debris.
Stera, Tree rotted at the roots as ground waterlogged there.

19 Jan, 2023


Looking at the housing on the higher level and then noticing a street light below indicating a road, the lay of the land caused a change so that the subsurface water drainage was directed to where it pooled right below the tree. A bird could have perched on one of its branches sending the whole tree over with the damp root rot it suffered.

19 Jan, 2023


I gave you a like for the blog as its obviously usually a lovely park for you to walk through, your guardian angel was with you that day Siris ....

20 Jan, 2023


LOOSESTRIFE, absolutely right about the geology of the ground, but not a bird but high winds from the northwest that day. It was difficult to walk into the wind that day.

21 Jan, 2023


The Gods were certainly smiling on you that Friday 13th!, thankfully…..

24 Jan, 2023


Thanks DD, and hopefully the weather will get less wet and windy.
BTW, the path has been reopened 2 days ago, and they are working on removing the trunks and top branches from that poor person's garden.

25 Jan, 2023

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