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Due over 3 years ago:

Iris unguicularis blue.

Are the brown leave in the front blue Iris unguicularis that I 'lost'?

Due almost 3 years ago:

Protect tender plant.

Diplarrenia morea
Crinum powellii
Dietes bicolour

Due over 2 years ago:

Hemerocallis cute as can be.

Pic 21 July 2015 where is Cute as can be. Have I mislabelled another?

Sixtine c.

Take up Sixtine C, weed out any Ipheion bulbs remaining, replant.


Prune after fruiting in summer, Gooseberry plant.

Due over 1 year ago:

Iris foggy dew.

Iris Foggy Dew has a Cyclamen under it.

White crinum.

Try White Crinum in Ground next to pink.

Feed citrus.

Feed Citrus with summer feed May -October


Never Flowered -feed May till outumn

Due 9 months ago:

Name changes.

Dicentra = Lamprocapnos
Sedum = Hylotelephium
Aster nova-bellii = Symphotrichum n-b
Scarborough Lily = Cyrtanthus

Due 7 months ago:

Sow hemerocallis seeds.

(Time Warp x None like you)XMildred Mitchell?TETS 8seeds
Joan Senior X Sabra Salina DIPS 13 seeds
Dark Double Tet? X Joan Senior? DIP 2 seeds
Joan Senior X Ruby DIPS 4 seeds
Yabba DABBA Do X Joan Senior DIPS 3 seeds
Dark Chocolate ? X Entrapment DIP 2 seeds
Dragon Dreams DIP x Lady Neva DIP 2 seeds
Entrapment DIP X Strawberry 2 seeds
Daring Deception TET X Dark ChocolatE TET 5 seeds
Pretty Miss TET X Freewheelin TET 7 seeds
Pink, deeper Pink eye X Dragon Dreams DIP 23 seeds
Pink, deeper Pink eye X Lady Neva DIP 5 seeds
Burgundy(Lexington Avenue?) X Belly Button TET 5 seeds
Dk Double(Ezekiel?) X ((Time warpxNone like U)xBelly Button)) TETS 2 seeds

Liquid seaweed feed.


Feed citrus.

Feed Citrus with winter feed until May.

Take cuttings clianthus pink flamingo.

Take cuttings Pink Flamingo.

Prune citrus febuary.

Prune Citrus Feb

Due 19 days ago:

Take seed white dierama.

Take seed Dierama to start a single colour clump.

Due 8 days ago:

Garage border .

Into Space created by translocating Epimedium sulphureum, put Hemerocallis Joan Senior.
Into ex Joan space put divided Epimedium Pink Champagne.