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Sedum Little Dove

Added on 8 Sep, 2019 | 1 photo

Genus: Sedum.
Species: Sedum.

Sedum Little Dove. A small sprawling sedum with greyish leaves and deep red/pink flowers. Back garden right of ...


Sedum 'Coca Cola'

Added on 27 Apr, 2016 | 2 photos

Genus: Sedum.
Species: Sedum cauticola.

A mat forming sedum with blue/grey foliage and pink flowers during summer. Moved to second tier in alpine scree...


Sedum erythrostictum 'Frosty Morn'

Added on 18 Apr, 2016 | 2 photos

Genus: Sedum.
Species: Sedum erythostrictum 'Frosty Morn'.

Forgot to add 2 Oct 2015. 60 x45 cm cream/pink flowers early autumn over cream variegated leaves, sun, well dra...


Sedum mediovariegatum

Added on 7 Jul, 2018 | 1 photo

Genus: Sedum.
Species: Sedum mediovariegatum.

A small upright alpine type Sedum with leaves edged in yellow. Put 2nd tier alpine border.


Sedum seiboldii mediovariegatum

Added on 24 Sep, 2016 | 1 photo

Genus: Sedum.
Species: Sedum seiboldii mediovariegatum.


Sedum sieboldii. "Dragon"

Added on 28 Sep, 2014 | 1 photo

Genus: Sedum.
Species: Sedum sieboldii.

Low growing 8", Sedum , green leaves with a red rim. Pink flowers August to October. Put lower level nex...


Sedum spectabile 'Iceberg'

Added on 2 Oct, 2015 | 3 photos

Genus: Sedum.
Species: Sedum spectabile.

45 x45 cm white flowers in Autumn. Has yellow fleshy foliage, quoted as palest green! Put in garage border, 1/2...


Sedum spurium variegatum

Added on 15 Sep, 2016 | 1 photo

Genus: Sedum.
Species: Sedum spurious variegatum.

A low growing Sedum with variegated foliage. Moved to lower end of alpine garden.


Sedum 'Purple Emperor'

Added on 13 Sep, 2015 | 1 photo

Genus: Sedum.
Species: Sedum telephium.

Sedum with fleshy purple foliage 45 cm. Placed middle front. Bought plant sale Garden Beauty 12. 9.2015.


Added on 24 Feb, 2017 | 0 photos

Species: Semiaquilegia.

LOST Aquilegia-like foliage on this small short lived plant, pink flowers late spring/ early summer. Sun or open...


Sempervivum collection

Added on 30 Jun, 2018 | 1 photo

Genus: Sempervivum.
Species: Sempervivum.

Unnamed Sempervivums, For well drained sunny position. Put int alpine pebble pavement.

Sempervivum (spiders' web)

Added on 14 Sep, 2019 | 0 photos

Genus: Sempervivum.
Species: Sempervivum.

Sempervivum with cobweb like rosettes. For Alpine scree garden.



Added on 9 Jun, 2018 | 1 photo

Genus: Sempervivum.
Species: Sempervivum.

Cobweb type Sempervivum. Must have good drainage and be protected from winter wet. Put into alpine rock garden....



Added on 6 Jun, 2016 | 1 photo

Genus: Sempervivum.
Species: Sempervivum.

4 Houseleeks.
3 with red leaves, 1 predominantly green. 2 put on rocks behind small pond, 2 put at front of Ir...


Sempervivum Little Flirt

Added on 8 Sep, 2019 | 1 photo

Genus: Sempervivum.
Species: Sempervivum little Flirt.

Sempervivum with brown tips to rosettes when mature. Some in Alpine scree and some in front semicircle.


Sempervivum 'Bronco'

Added on 7 Jul, 2019 | 1 photo

Genus: Sempervivum.
Species: Sempervivum tectorum.

Sempervivum put in Alpine scree area.


Senecio polyodon

Added on 21 Sep, 2018 | 3 photos

Genus: Senecio.
Species: Senecio polyodon.

Perennial 15", purple Daisy like flowers over a long period. Dry sunny position. From Norwell. Put behind ...


Silene asterias

Added on 2 Jun, 2021 | 1 photo

Genus: Silene.
Species: Silene asterias.

Hardy perennial with deep pink flowers. From seed, Infilled in various places in garden

Sinopodophyllum hexandrum emodi

Added on 20 May, 2021 | 0 photos

Species: Sinopodophyllum hexandrum emodi.

Was? Podophyllum hexandrum emodi?
In garage border.


Sinopodophyllum hexandrum var. chinense

Added on 12 Apr, 2017 | 2 photos

Species: Sinopodophyllum hexandrum var, chinense.

Name changed from Podophyllum hexandrum chinense
Herbaceous perennial with large green leaves marbled purple-br...


Sisyrinchium Dragons Eye

Added on 19 Nov, 2020 | 1 photo

Genus: Sisyrinchium.
Species: Sisyrinchium.

Grass like foliage, Ht & sp 15cm. Lilac flowers with purple eye. To put in scree garden.....


Sisyrinchium palmifolium

Added on 1 Dec, 2014 | 2 photos

Genus: Sisyrinchium.
Species: Sisyrinchium palmifolium.

A medium size Sisyrinchium with yellow flowers, placed front garden. A "swap" with Simbad.


Soldenella carpatica

Added on 10 Apr, 2018 | 2 photos

Genus: Soldanella.
Species: Soldanella carpatica.

Evergreen Alpine for moist but well drained site, humus rich soil. Beware slugs. Best in a trough? From Border ...

Sophora davidii

Added on 8 May, 2021 | 0 photos

Genus: Sophora.
Species: Sophora daviidii.

A deciduous shrub to 2.5m (v. Slow growing) with blue and white pea-like flowers. For a well drained sunny posit...


Sparaxis tricolour mix

Added on 31 Oct, 2016 | 4 photos

Genus: Sparaxis.
Species: Sparaxis tricolor.

Sparaxis planted in 5 pots of 11-12 bulbs. Spring flowering.

Stachys monieri

Added on 22 Jul, 2021 | 0 photos

Genus: Stachys.
Species: Stachys monieri.

Clump forming, vigorous hardy perennial height 45-50 cm. From seed. For full sun, cut back immediately after fl...


Succisa pratensis?

Added on 8 Sep, 2019 | 2 photos

Genus: Succisa.
Species: Succisa pratensis.

3 ft perennial with deep blue/purple scabius-like flowers, flowering late August, early September.
To be reloca...


Symphyandra cretica

Added on 5 Dec, 2014 | 1 photo

Genus: Symphyandra.
Species: Symphyandra cretica.

A spring to summer flowering perennial with blue campanula-like flowers. Sun to partial shade. Placed garage bor...


Gaura lindheimeri White

Added on 18 Apr, 2016 | 2 photos

Species: T'aura lindheimeri.

LOST, short lived. 2 Cuttings from a pot plant bought for friend.


Telekia speciosa

Added on 14 Jun, 2015 | 2 photos

Genus: Telekia.
Species: Telekia speciosa.

Seedlings put in front of Berberis by left side wall. Yellow daisy like flowers to 6ft. Seed from Simbad


Dendrobium kingianum (previous name)

Added on 5 Aug, 2016 | 1 photo

Species: Thelychiton kingianus.

An orchid, white/pale pink flowers winter blooming at 7-15c.


Thunbergia alta

Added on 12 Sep, 2018 | 1 photo

Genus: Thunbergia.
Species: Thunbergia alata.

A tender perennial grown as an annual.


Tiarella 'Mystic Mist'

Added on 16 Jun, 2016 | 3 photos

Genus: Tiarella.
Species: Tiarella cordifolia.

Tiarella with green and white variegated leaves and white flowers, for shade. Put trellis end of garage border. ...


Tiarella cordifolia 'Pink Skyrocket'

Added on 4 Nov, 2015 | 2 photos

Genus: Tiarella.
Species: Tiarella cordifolia.

Tierella 'Skyrocket' with starry pink flowers April-Dec. Ht 25 cm, Sp. 25 cm, good in dry shade. From...


Tiger flower

Added on 26 Feb, 2015 | 5 photos

Genus: Tigridia.
Species: Tigridia pavonia.

Pack (3 for price of2) of 20 mixed colours (I hope some white). Put in 4 pots for planting out late April.


Tradescantia Concorde Grape

Added on 10 Jun, 2021 | 1 photo

Genus: Tradescantia.
Species: Tradescantia.

Hardy Tradescantia with deep purple flowers. Put in front garden about the middle.


Tradescantia fluminensis tricolour

Added on 20 Jul, 2021 | 1 photo

Genus: Tradescantia.
Species: Tradescantia fluminensis tricolour.

Tender variegated hardy perennial. Put in a hanging basket on top of water barrel under carport. To be brought...


Tradescantia x andersoniana Bilberry Ice

Added on 26 Mar, 2020 | 1 photo

Genus: Tradescantia.
Species: Tradescantia x andersoniana.

Hardy Perennial with Lavender blue flowers. Maroon new shooots. From Macplants. Put front garden near right s...



Added on 15 Jul, 2017 | 1 photo

Genus: Tricyrtis.
Species: Tricyrtis (Toad Lily).

Bought in a pot, 1€. Put in shady Hosta border by conservatory.


Trillium NOT luteum

Added on 23 Mar, 2017 | 2 photos

Genus: Trillium.
Species: Trillium.

Trillium (brown/purply glowers) tuber lost in dry border for 20? years, refound small piece 2016, put into shad...


Trillium erectum

Added on 9 Sep, 2017 | 2 photos

Genus: Trillium.
Species: Trillium erectum.

A root of Trillium erectum. When mature mahogany red flowers on 1-4" stalks on 18" stems. For a cool ...


Trillium grandiflorum

Added on 4 Apr, 2017 | 5 photos

Genus: Trillium.
Species: Trillium grandiflorum.

Trillium with white flowers, grows 50cm x 50cms (20"). For neutral humusy soil in shade. From MacPennys. ...


Tropaeolum speciosum

Added on 1 May, 2016 | 1 photo

Genus: Tropaeolum.
Species: Tropaeolum speciosum.

LOST 2017? Climbing Nasturtium with red flowers for cool, sheltered, acid soil. Roots to be shaded from sun, bu...

Tulip sprengeri

Added on 8 Jul, 2021 | 0 photos

Species: Tulip sprengeri.

A species tulip, with single magenta/red flowers. Will do well in dappled shade and self seed if happy. Pot of ...


Tulip 'Red Riding Hood'

Added on 7 Apr, 2016 | 1 photo

Genus: Tulipa.
Species: Tulipa.

Small pot of Tulips 50p. Put front RHS path.

Tulipa bakeri Lilac Wonder

Added on 23 Sep, 2021 | 0 photos

Genus: Tulipa.
Species: Tulipa bakeri.

10 bulbs


Ugni molinae (Chilean guava (Strawberry Myrtle)

Added on 18 Feb, 2017 | 6 photos

Genus: Ugni.
Species: Ugni molinae.

An evergreen shrub, fragrant white flowers followed by edible red fruit. For sun/part shade in a moist but well ...


Umbilicus rupestris

Added on 19 Aug, 2021 | 1 photo

Genus: Umbilicus.
Species: Umbilicus rupestris.

Prennial with fleshy leaves and greenish/pink flowers in May. For a shady position growing particularly in crevi...


Uvularia grandiflora

Added on 8 May, 2015 | 3 photos

Genus: Uvularia.
Species: Uvularia grandiflora.

A woodlander with yellow flowers in spring, placed in garage border, shady by entrance. Bought Spinners.


Veratrum nigrum

Added on 26 Mar, 2020 | 1 photo

Genus: Veratrum.
Species: Veratrum nigrum.

Hardy Perennial to 1.5 m, with black flower spikes, for a moist but well drained soil. All parts toxic. From Mac...


Veratrum schlinderi?(nigrum IT IS NOT)

Added on 4 Nov, 2015 | 4 photos

Genus: Veratrum.
Species: Veratrum schlinderi?.

Should be 1.8m with black flowers,it is not From Woottens mail order. It is actually v. tall with white flowers...

Verbena Bampton

Added on 16 Jul, 2018 | 0 photos

Genus: Verbena.
Species: Verbena officinalis.

Bushy upright perennial with airy stems to 0.5m, dark foliage and pink/purple flowers


Veronica gentianoides Pallida

Added on 15 May, 2020 | 1 photo

Genus: Veronica.
Species: Veronica gentianoides.

A ground covering Veronica with pale blue flowers, now have 2 good clumps.

Veronicastrum sibiricum var. yezoense (syn V sakhalinense

Added on 7 May, 2021 | 0 photos

Genus: Veronica.
Species: Veronica sibiricum.

Hardy Perennial to 1.5 with purple spikes mid summer. From seed 2020. For back of a border in rich soil. Put...


Veronica spicata Heidekind

Added on 26 Mar, 2020 | 1 photo

Genus: Veronica.
Species: Veronica spicata.

Hardy Perennial to 30cm with spikes of pink flowers. Put front of back border, back garden. From Macplants


Vestia foetida

Added on 18 Nov, 2019 | 3 photos

Genus: Vestia.
Species: Vestia foetida.

Evergreen shrub with yellow tubular flowers. From Seed. Put back fence.


Vinca ( possibly Jenny Pym)

Added on 11 Feb, 2016 | 2 photos

Genus: Vinca.
Species: Vinca difformis.

An upright form of Vinca. Possibly difformis Jenny Pym. Blue/lilac flowers wit white centre.
One place in back...


Viola Black

Added on 10 Aug, 2017 | 1 photo

Genus: Viola.
Species: Viola.

A black flowered Viola seedling, Given by neighbour. Put by steps to pergola.


Viola 'Deltini Copperfield

Added on 18 Feb, 2017 | 1 photo

Genus: Viola.
Species: Viola.

Tray of 6 viola BGC 50p


Viola hederacea

Added on 8 Jul, 2021 | 1 photo

Genus: Viola.
Species: Viola hederacea.

A viola with small white flowers with blue centres. From my HPS friend. Planted at front of garage border, slig...


Watsonia 'Apricot'

Added on 9 May, 2015 | 5 photos

Genus: Watsonia.
Species: Watsonia pillansii.

Clump forming perennial 1.5 m with sword shaped leaves. Bright orange flowers in summer. Needs well drained so...


Watsonia pillansii

Added on 6 May, 2017 | 1 photo

Genus: Watsonia.
Species: Watsonia pillansii.

LOST winter 2017/28 Bugle lily. Clump forming courmous perennial 1mwith sword shaped leaves. Flower spike from p...


x Rhodoxis Hebron Farm Pink

Added on 10 Jun, 2021 | 1 photo

Species: x Rhodoxis.

A Rhodohypoxis cross with pink flowers, for a sunny, well drained position .


Ypsilsandra thibetica

Added on 16 Feb, 2019 | 1 photo

Species: Ypsilsandra thibetica.

Mound of strap-like evergreen leaves. White flowers with blue anthers in Spring. Part shade Ht 30 cm. To go ne...



Added on 24 Sep, 2016 | 1 photo

Genus: Yucca.
Species: Yucca.