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A Cold Winter Morning


Oh winter! Why do I have to rise on this cold and beautiful day.
The great sun has turned his face away. The earth is still, dark and quiet.
It seems that earth has a promise for she stares and smiles in the darkness, whispering that spring is not far away.
For I shall rise like a banker for time like money is measured by our needs,
The day and clocks will tick away my grief.
And evening will appear for I know that the moonlight will be at it’s best,
As I feel that warmth, the glow and kiss upon my skin.
For I will close my eyes once again and dream of the green hills,
And the valleys that are endless.
The bright stars that twinkle in the sky.
Winter will always come to my home and it is worth being cold,
’Cause of all the pleasures that life offers me.

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Very evocative words - but I didn't know it got so cold in South Africa?

17 Jun, 2016


Yes, it has been very cold as there is snow on the Drakensberg mountains and we have had snow in as early as autumn.

18 Jun, 2016

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