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Rose bushes.....


I was walking home from picking my daughter up from nursery and a house that has been empty the past month is being cleaned up (council property and i was going to take cutting from out the garden as many beautiful plants in there just been left behind).. Out on their front were 2 beautiful rose tree/bushes.. I was shocked to see the council pulling them out ARRGGGHHHH and apparently as i stopped to question what they were doing with them (as ive walked past these every day for 4mths admiring their colour and beauty).. They were throwing them away.. I asked if i could have them and they said yes..

So im now the proud owner of 2 white rose tree/bushes Hehehe

Cant wait to plant them in my garden.. Any advice on where to put them Full sun/ soil type ect They have been butchered down to the stem but roots still intact…

Thank You

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Well done on saving the rose bushes...

Initially, it would probably be best put them in large pots in an area which is mostly shady ... just a bit of sun.... and then in the autumn decide where you would prefer to plant them permanently, with maybe more sunshine ...

6 Jul, 2011


Ok Thank You Terratoonie...

I did think about putting them in pots as only about 2 foot tall.. Might be best too until i've finished prepping all my soil properly hahahaha

I think they are the Alba Maxima.. as flowers looked similar (but could be wrong)

Will go back to the house to see what other flowers i can save as the council have said they have to clear the garden...
Seems such a waste of someones time and effort but if they cared about the flowers they'd of took them with them...

Gosh id take every plant i could if i ever moved hahahahahahahahaha

6 Jul, 2011


You can't be sure why the house is empty... could be due to death or illness.. but seems a great idea to save as many plants as possible ...

6 Jul, 2011


I saw them moving out so i know they chose to leave them lol.. I remember passing one day and saying to the gentleman who lived there that i thought his roses were gorgeous hehe

6 Jul, 2011


i just didnt have the courage to ask what he was doing with all his plants when i saw them loading their van :-D

6 Jul, 2011


Maybe they were moving to a house without a garden...
I hope you are able to save some more of the plants...

6 Jul, 2011


well wherever they are i send a big thank you for the roses hahahahaaha

Hope i can save as many of them as i can :-)

6 Jul, 2011


i now have some large poppies a pink/purple colour and some of these other pink flowers have no idea what they are called.. council have ripped out some others as there are several large empty holes in the garden.... Just a shame they've all gone in the bin.... least i have saved some :-D

6 Jul, 2011


When my friend's next door moved I was told just to take anything at all tool's pot's garden furniture ,and all the plant's as the new tennants did not want anything.I was pleased to do this as lot's of the thing's had happy memory's, and then when the new tennant' moved in I scored again as they just stripped the garden and gave me some bit's and piece's that I had left .

6 Jul, 2011


Well done Jane on getting the poppies and pink flowers ..

... and well done Mavis on receiving so many garden items from previous next door tenants ! :o)

6 Jul, 2011


Well done on saving them. looks like you got there just in time. Some people do not appreciate roses. With a bit of TLC, they'll be looking good in no time.

6 Jul, 2011


Thanks terratoonie... Sometimes you just gotta ask and you never know ;-)

Thats great Mavisc i need to go buy more compost and pots now hahahaha.. Just temp homes till i get chance to build my raised bed.. need bricks and cement and errm plenty of time with out distraction (hard with lil ones)...

I need to do some geraniums as they have memories for me but may have to wait.. kind of got my hands full now and want them so i can see them from my kitchen window whilst washing the pots :-D...

Forgot to mention.. Im also so happy as my bleeding hearts are growing new leaves (i took a cutting off my dads plant in his garden) so it must be working hehehehhe

Gosh i feel like a saddo babbling on but i suppose this is the perfect place to hahaha

6 Jul, 2011


Thanks Alextb... Oh i love roses :-D I love all flowers 2bh but roses are just beautiful :-D
Just waiting for my dad to return from work so i can go steal his compost as he said he doesn't need no more then they will be so happy hehe.. Do you know if they need to be protected from the wind or will it be ok to plant in the middle of my front garden as a center piece (did want a magnolia)...
I was going to put them in pots for now but i only have 1 pot till 2mo.. grrrrr lol

6 Jul, 2011


Good that you rescued them. I can't understand why they were throwing them away, but there you are. They've got a good home now :o)

7 Jul, 2011


Yep a very good home :0) I will be going out to find some new pots today hehehe
So cant wait till i can upload some pictures :-D

7 Jul, 2011


Good luck with the Plants Jane, I hope you get them...

10 Jul, 2011


They roses are planted and seem to be doing ok.. Ive built my trellis around my nasturtium as they started to grow large and lean over my love in a mist.. The Love In A Mist flowers are about to open and oh i cant wait lol.. Spent all aft and till 9pm doing it all and looks brill.. I can upload on facebook but not on here.. dont know why.. Grrrrr lol..
Wont be long till i can build my raised bed at the bottom of my garden... Just thinking what flowers to put in there and ive not even built it yet hahaha

Thank you for your comments Crissue :-D
I hope you all are well :-D

10 Jul, 2011


Have you cleared that garden of plants

16 Jul, 2011


Hellooo :-D

Ive been away the past few days seeing poorly relatives and just got back yesterday.. The poppies roses and other flowers are not dieing in my garden so must be happy lol..

I have just bought some PIERIS FOREST FLAME and cannot wait till i can plant in our garden. May be off to buy our bricks for our raised bed today but not sure just yet hehehe... I have spent my time away helping my mum weed her garden so she can have a rest (to take some weight off her shoulders) and her garden is already lovely..

I now have my list (large) of what i want in my raised bes and have decided i definately want my veg plot so more work for me to do.. Definitely want an edible Honeysuckle too :-D...

How are you doing sweetie?
Very well i hope :-D

17 Jul, 2011


Doing good...You should get your Mum to join GOY.. :)))
always room for one more lol...
Did you watch AT's Garden programme Friday, with the Cottage garden, The lady there was sucking the sugar from the Honeysuckle Flowers...I'm going to try one of mine, see what it's like....:))
I've got a little list too, just to go and have a look...a couple of places to fill...
Waiting for a delivery Monday of that we're getting some decent rain, it will be the right time to plant and get them bedded in...
Talk soon... :))

17 Jul, 2011


Yes i did watch it :-D It was amazing what you can eat so since then im adamant i will get one eventually..
Please let me know what its like as i really would like to know the best ones to get as there are so many varieties lol.. I know one has berries you can eat :-D Im definately going to get one of them (both varieties) :-D
I have quite alot of seeds now but will have to wait till next year now to plant.. but at least im already prepared ready for the summer hehehe
Clematis are lovely.. Hope you they settle in great :-D
I think i may tell her about this site so she comes on and gets advice herself :-D
T care and will chat soon..

17 Jul, 2011


I'm not sure, but I think any Honeysuckle flower is ok...they supposedly carry the sugary taste that the bees like...I'm not sure what mine is called i'd have to google, i've had its parent plant and then cuttings grown for our other garden, and then this was a cutting from that, starting back to the 90's...Beautiful perfume, lemon & white...

17 Jul, 2011


From what i have read some you can eat the berries but not the flowers and others you can eat the flowers but not the berries.. I was googling for ages this morning but slightly distracted as 3 kiddies running about as raining outside so still dont know which is best :-D Wow must be nice knowing they all came off an original bush..
Cant wait to get some Buddleja and Hydrangeas for my front garden :-D So many plants so many different ways to look after each one so going to use larger ones in the front which leaves me planty of time for the back garden hahahaha.. Oh gardening is addictive even when im not out there getting dirty hahahaha

17 Jul, 2011



17 Jul, 2011

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