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My nasturtiums have been hit by a huge amount of black aphids/or black fly not sure the difference but i have tried the remedys to get rid and unfortunately this year the lil blighters have won.. My poor nasturtium are dwindling away and im not sure if its the pests or just that their time is up already! Loads of pods but not at all ready (i dont think) They are green but all my flowers/leaves are limp and yellow!. Can anyone i mean anyone help :-D hahahaa

Good news tho is i had 3 caterpillars on then but with not much to eat (as most leaves have turned yellow and dont look nutritious) so i put them in a pot so we can raise them and let them go (as i did few months ago and released 6) As i was looking i found some eggs on a little leaf and decides to bring them in too.. I am now the proud mummy of over 10 teeeeny tiny caterpillars which are so cute .. going to feed them bought cabbage until they change and are big enough to fly away (hope they all survive) hehehe.. Would post pics but they are that small that they are just a blurr on my phone hahahaha

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I often grow them to sacrifice to aphids so other plants dont get as affected. It also encourages the predators to flourish too.

3 Aug, 2011

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