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Plants & flowers from England to India number three


By sorbus


We travelled quickly through the more northern European countries as knew them well of old. Reaching Italy we began to slow down. Probably something to do with the sun. The further south you go, the more faded becomes the landscape, and oleanders, in all shades of red to white, give colour everywhere, specially along the roadside.

8. Italy. The Greek theatre high in the hills above Taormina in Sicily. Wonderful endless views over the sea and to Mt Etna brooding. The cacti are in flower and give a surprising splash of colour. And, yes, I feature too. July 2010.

9. Tunisia. We got the ferry from Sicily to Tunisia. An 8 hour journey. Tunisia has palms and olives and agaves and spiky low growing shrubs battling in the desert. But for colour; for occasions; for something that lasts; well, there is always plastic. And if you are going to be gaudy – go the while way.

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