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funny weather


the weather is weard this summer for a couple of days its in the 70s then it drops to the high 50 and we seem to be getting winds from the north a lot as well has any one else noticed it. Update on the robin chicks 2 cats from next door seem to be spending a lot of time in my shed i think they are trying to catch the mother robin or there waiting for he chicks first flight they are them expensive cats bengal or that kind of breed i cant keep shed door closed as mrs robin wont get in so i hope im about the day the chicks get airbourne andy

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hope the chicks get away safely.

18 Jun, 2010


Its realy cold in Norwich today hopefully the wether will pick up soon Hope your birds are ok

19 Jun, 2010


Very changeable,Thurs I was in London, it was very hot and a relief to stand in the sprays of the fountains, yesterday, same place, very cold and back to wearing jackets, today, flipping cold here in Lincs....
Hope the chicks survive, one of my cats is a pedigree but I treat him the same as the others if he`s chasing the birds, a good squirt from my water spray tends to put him off......

19 Jun, 2010


We're having lovely weather here. It's very warm but there's a breeze aswell so it feels pleasant enough.
I hope the baby robbins will be all right.

20 Jun, 2010


Your right the weathers weird. I dropped my son's Alex(22) and Stephen (8) off in Margate to see the 'Air show' at 12 before work, only to hear that they could not stand the wind and rain so they turned right round and came home.Yet this afternoon people where in tea shirts!

20 Jun, 2010

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