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This last weekend was the last time i seen the second lot of bluetits in the nest box i looked tonite and they are gone that pair has been realy busy this summer they had 6 to fed the first time and 5 the second time so i think i will have to buy more feeders and nuts this winter to keep them fed . I have also notest a few young coaltits going around so they must have been busy as well they seem to be easy scared at the nut feeders unlike the robin i had in winter who used to come and meet me when i went out with breadcrumbs each morning . After a while i started taking camera on one hand and plate on the other and got one or two pics of him picking out the plate while i held it or landing on the greenhouse and i held up a slice of bread to let him peck i will have to try and find the pics on my pc and post them on here ANDY SPEEDY 10

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I would love to be able to feed the birds like that speedy, tried a few times, but I suppose you have to keep at it to gain their confidence. I feed the birds all the time, they absolutely love the sunflower hearts, seem to have attracted lots more of the timid varieties. Would love to see the pics you have of the Robin

11 Aug, 2010


This year I have never had so meny baby birds in my garden Blue tits sparrows gold finches its been great watching the whole familys fly in and out of the garden

11 Aug, 2010


thanks dido and donnah i am still trying to find them pics my pc has pics all over the place but find them i will

11 Aug, 2010

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