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Summer containers


I hope this doesn’t bore you. Several people asked me to show them what I did with my containers this year.

Well – here are some of them. By the way, I can’t have hanging baskets, much as I’d like to, as we’re not allowed to attach anything to our walls – the house is listed.

Pink and white in there!

A great contrast to the village sign box which I only replanted at the weekend. I wouldn’t choose these colours for my garden, though. I quite like them together, but they wouldn’t ‘fit’.

I planted frilly pansies in one of the pots last autumn, and they’re still going strong!

I have a selection of containers in the porch.

On the left side -

And on the right.

Here’s the basket which had hyacinths in it for the spring -

- now it contains Nemesia and Nicotiana.

I recycled some pretty blue pansies, and they’re in a shallow bowl. The bright pink plants are Schizanthus. They’ve been flowering for weeks!

There are two matching pots planted with New Guinea Hybrids, plus Verbena.

Along the front of the house, there are more containers.
I like to group them together.

Something has been nibbling the Coleus! Grrrr…

I liked the colour scheme in the trough last year, so I planted it up the same this spring – black and white. I’d managed to over-winter the Pelargoniums, so I only had to buy the black Ipomoea and add some white trailing plants I grew from seed.

This is the group of pots in the corner of the carpark.
I don’t change the plants every season.

Do you remember the twin pots up in the alcove in the new wall?

I planted them with spring flowers in March and although the primulas have stopped flowering, the violas are still going strong, so I took out the spent bulbs very carefully and dropped a lily plant in each. They’ll last a bit longer now.

In the back garden I have several containers, which are planted in the ‘right’ colours for the gold, purple and white scheme in that area.

There are two troughs like this. They’ll fill out in a few weeks’ time.

This pot is on the cobbled area in the back garden – also planted to ‘match’ the colours.

Yes, I have more containers, but that’s enough for now. The pleasure I get from my pots of all shapes and sizes outweighs the constant watering, feeding and dead-heading.

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Nice containers B thanks for sharing your flora.

13 Jun, 2013


pots do give emense pleaseure dont they. you have some lovely combinations there.

13 Jun, 2013


Lovely Barbara. I see, like me, you're fond of Nemesia and Verbena . . . they go on and on, don't they!

13 Jun, 2013


They are lovely Spritz, and so much further on than mine. I have Schizanthus but nowhere near flowering yet.

13 Jun, 2013


Oh they are spectacular !

13 Jun, 2013


How lovely Spritz, the colour schemes are really effective
Pansies and violas have lasted so well this year, thanks for the tour....never boring. :0)

13 Jun, 2013


They are all lovely! I especially like the frilled pansies which are spectacular, I must get some of those. The first picture is also a favourite with the pretty pink daisy-like flowers, are they a brachycome?

13 Jun, 2013


That was anything but boring, Spritz. Your pots are fabulous. I especially like the 2nd, 3rd and last photos but the schizanthus is great too.

13 Jun, 2013


I think you saved the best till last...but they are all lovely! Haven't those frilly pansies been wonderful? :)

13 Jun, 2013


Lovely pots, love the frilly pansies!

13 Jun, 2013


Thanks for looking! Yes, I believe they are Brachycome.

I grow Schizanthus from seed, but those two plants were bought ones. They have much larger flowers than the ones I've grown. I didn't recognise them as Schizanthus in the GC!

The frilly pansies have been amazing - well worth buying. Other pansies have fizzled out, but they've carried on blooming.

14 Jun, 2013


Spritzs its hats off to you, your pots and garden are just amazingly beautiful especially after what you have had to cope with.

14 Jun, 2013


Thank you - I wish you could come today; it's the last of our open days.

15 Jun, 2013


You are an inspiration. Just seeing all your pics is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

16 Jun, 2013


Thank you, Sprog. That's very kind! :-)

16 Jun, 2013



17 Jun, 2013


Thank you. :-))

18 Jun, 2013


stunning colours I love the bright pink ones, will definitely be copying some of these!! x

19 Jun, 2013


You're more than welcome, Heidi. That's the really good thing about GoY - we get ideas from each other. :-))

20 Jun, 2013


How did I miss this blog? a wonderful selection of pots and some really lovely plant combos....

21 Jun, 2013


Thank you, Dd. You've changed - I hardly recognised you this morning!

22 Jun, 2013


I have havn't I? a metal sculpture from an NGS open garden in the New to be composed!!

22 Jun, 2013


Oh, is that what it is! :-D)

24 Jun, 2013


Trying desperately to catch up on blogs etc, love you containers, very artistic:-) I spend over an hour watering each day and sometimes 2 hours. Only have 3 hanging baskets though. The ground has been dry too so having to do that in different sections each day. Who'd have thought we'd be watering the beds???!!!!:-)

15 Jul, 2013


I have the hose on all day, and my watering regime is a bit like yours! At least the stream is being a great help rather than a nuisance in this weather. It's running very low now. We have a pump in the deep bit, which waters the garden. I have to move the hose round, of course.

16 Jul, 2013


Your container combinations rock! I don't say that often either ;)

2 Sep, 2013


Thank you, Kimberly. :-))

3 Sep, 2013

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