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On Remembrance Sunday, I was thinking about my paternal grandfather, who was killed barely two weeks before WW1 ended, leaving a widow and three young children. My father was only two!

When I got home, I had an urge to delve into my Mum’s box of photos, to see if she had a photo of him, and lo and behold, I found one!

Some years ago, we took the car across to France, and went to visit the tiny war cemetery where he lies. I’d found out where it was from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, who look after all the war cemeteries.

It was a very moving experience, reading the inscription and realising how very young he was.

While we were there, an elderly French lady popped out of her home which was close by, and I succeeded in telling her in my poor schoolgirl French that this was my Grandfather. She kept shaking our hands and saying ‘Thank you’. She wanted us to go into her home for coffee, but as we were on our way to our holiday destination, we had to decline. The French people hadn’t forgotten!

While I was looking through Mum’s box, I found another photo of a WW1 soldier. Now here’s the mystery – I have no idea who he was. His uniform has a few clues – but I’d love to find out all about him. The bandolier he’s wearing indicates that he was in a Cavalry regiment, as does the fact that he has no cap. His shoulder insignia says ‘HANTS’, so he was in one of the Hampshire regiments. It’s a shame that we can’t decipher the number on his shoulder, though.

I would love to find out who he was – he isn’t forgotten, just ‘unknown’.

If anyone has any ideas as to my best course of action, I’d be very grateful. He has a name, but what is it? Can you help me find out?

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Its a moving story Spritz, so sad to die so close to the end of the war.He looks so young x

When you watch "who do you think you are" they contact the regiment for information. These days so many have amalgamated though.
Could he have been a brother or cousin maybe.....

22 Nov, 2013


Thank you for sharing this with us. We do remember them.
Google this Spritz and you might be able to find out more there or find a clue as to where to look further.

22 Nov, 2013


How moving! I hope that you do find out who the handsome soldier was. Your mum must have kept his photo because he was someone special to her. I might be wrong in the end but the last photograph does make me think that the two are somehow related (its the nose and lips)....hmmm! It will be interesting to hear what you find out. Thank you

22 Nov, 2013


There are lots of forums which may be able to help. There may be other clues in the picture that to the inexperienced are missed.

Here's one I found

I know it's probably a bit of a long shot but perhaps researching your mother's line back to one of the previous census years e.g. 1881. You never know what you will uncover if you try trace other family members. Which might then be checked against military records.

I know that when I was tracing my 4xgreat grandfather - I posted his name only on a military forum (can't remember which) and a very kindly gentleman provided me with a wealth of information. Like this site, there are lots of friendly helpful people around.

22 Nov, 2013


Please will you let us know if you find out? best of luck with your researches.

22 Nov, 2013


Thanks for the ideas - someone else suggested trying via the Hampshire regiment records, and that might be helpful, I think, Scotsgran. Scottish, it's my father's family, not my mother's. However, census records might also prove fruitful. I have been in contact with a Belgian gentleman who has kindly put the photo on a WW1 forum.
I'm also waiting to hear back from my cousins, as we share our grandfather! You never know, they might have some info.

23 Nov, 2013


You could try putting the photo on an excellent family history site. There is a board dedicated to military stuff with loads of very knowledgeable and helpful people. You'll have to register first before you can 'post' anything. Good luck with you search.

23 Nov, 2013


We will never forget those brave young soldiers....
I do hope you get to find out who the mystery young man is.…keep us posted.

23 Nov, 2013


I will, Dd. Thanks for the new idea, Digginfit. :-))

25 Nov, 2013


Both of them are so handsome. Yes, we will remember them all.

26 Nov, 2013


I wish you well in your search Spritzthenry, a lovely story...
All the best with your search :-)
I also have a relation from a previous generation buried at Ypres...and can trace my maternal family connections back to the year 1860 in St Woollos cemetery, Newport, South Wales...we do remember them...
best of luck,
cheers :-) J

9 Feb, 2014


We still don't know who the other soldier is, but I have a lot more info on my grandfather's family, partly thanks to Andrew. I appear to have relatives on his side of the family, as he had sisters I knew nothing about!

10 Feb, 2014

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