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When we first came here, there was a wonderful bed of Osteospermum jucundum – the only hardy one, although probably not in some parts of the country.

It was behind and in front of the rose trellis.

Sadly, they have diminished, due to their age – and not forgetting the extreme weather and flooding. They do NOT like wet feet!

In spite of valiant efforts to propagate them, even resorting to buying more in pots, I was fighting a losing battle. Last autumn I made the decision to change the bed into a mixed herbaceous border.

I planted Agastache ‘Licquorice Blue’,

Monarda ‘Prairie Nights’,


Geranium x magnificum,

Phlox ’Eden’s Smile’,

A pack of Allium uniflorum,

A rose – ‘The Countryman’,

Heuchera ‘Berry Smoothie’, as you can see in this border view from the autumn last year.

Two deep pink Dianthus from elsewhere in the garden, plus Lamium ‘Red Nancy’.

Since then, I’ve added two patio roses – ‘Pretty Polly’

and last week, ‘Little Flirt’.

It’s still ‘work in progress’, but it’s getting there, and looks far better than poorly Osteos. Well, I think so, anyway!

Hmmm…a dilemma…should I leave the rest of the Osteos in place, or dig them up and continue the border all the way along?

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now what do you think you'll do????
all that space for new plants. its a no brainer. get it dug :o)

Nearly missed this amongst the spam. but I have flagged everyone of them :o)

all set for opening or has it been and gone?

10 Jun, 2014


Ooh. Continue with what you're doing. It looks lovely.

10 Jun, 2014


That's looking really nice now Spritzhenry.

10 Jun, 2014


Sbg I have flagged the spam as well. Noticed a lot of this recently. May also be 'phishing' and contain viruses in the links, I would suggest don't go near them.

10 Jun, 2014


I think you should carry on digging for victory Spritz. :O) it looks so lovely and hasn't it filled in well. :O)

10 Jun, 2014


You were certainly a rose amongst the thorns of rogue blogs Barbara. I flagged lots, but getting r.s.i:-) Why can't you integrate the osteos into your border? Will the colours clash? I love the top picture, but I'm sure your renovated border will look every bit as lovely when it fills out and I love your choice of plants:-)

10 Jun, 2014


What you`ve done so far looks stunning Barbara but It would be nice if you could leave a few of the osteos and hopefully blend them in with any new planting. I was thinking of you today as I planted out my new Salvia `red velvet` which I took a photo of ... it had one flower spike on it and yes after planting I managed to snap it off, hope it throws up more.

10 Jun, 2014


Lovely choice of plants , keep going !

10 Jun, 2014


I'd keep going as well Spritz.... far more colourful and interesting than the Osteo's. Love the Agastache!

11 Jun, 2014


There are still some healthy Osteos at the far right hand end of the border, so I'm biding my time now. If they die off, I can extend the new planting.

Ba and Stroller, yes, you're right. How well you know me! I've deliberately gone for co-ordinating colours so that the remnants of the Osteos 'fit in' with the new plants.

11 Jun, 2014


I agree with the idea of keeping some of the osteos. I'm sure I got a photo of them in full flush when I came to one of your open days. I find them easy to propagate by splitting but I'm wondering what kind of soil they favour. I know they like well drained but maybe not too rich. The floods may well have changed the chemistry which has affected them very badly. I do like the new planting but I love to see great swathes of a single plant in the way you had used the osteos.

12 Jun, 2014


Thanks - it's a great shame and I'm sure all that 'orrible wet weather and flooding had a lot to do with it. :-((

13 Jun, 2014


Although we grow Osteos and sometimes they actually survive the winter, two did this time, I have to admit I prefer your mixed border, love the selection of plants, we have the rose Pretty Polly and the allium seeds all over the garden which I do not mind, I would still keep the Osteos but move them somewhere else and create another combo perhaps with them?

16 Jun, 2014


Errrr...Dd, The rest of my garden is full to bursting, so moving them isn't an option. I think what I shall do is to fill any gaps with different plants and as and when the remaining Osteos turn up their toes, the bed will develop.

17 Jun, 2014

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