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Another NGS garden!


What a lovely, lovely garden this is. It’s up in the Mendip hills, so everything is about three weeks behind. My Deutzia had finished flowering – theirs is in full bloom.

When you walk into the garden from the field they use for parking, you come into their own carpark – but there isn’t actually much room for cars – plants are thriving in the gravel.

I was lucky enough to have met the owners before, and they came to my Open garden the week previously, so I had a personal guided tour.

You walk through an arch to be met by some wonderful colour combinations of plants.

As you can see, most of the garden is enclosed by granite walls, all of which are covered with mingling roses and clematis.

There are some beautiful roses in the borders, too – Pat Austin is a glorious, glowing amber. They’ve planted a toning Helianthemum by her feet which, again, is an inspired combination.

These perfect Lupins pick up the colour tone and make a sight to behold!

There’s a pot of lilies ready to take the place of the lupins when they finish flowering, and the perspective will change again. This is what they’ll be like – there’s another pot already in bloom elsewhere in the garden.

The view from the garden is amazing – there’s a church in the distance, and they’ve cleverly ‘borrowed’ it as a focal point.

Wouldn’t you like to sit on that seat and simply gaze?

Roses, roses, beautiful roses – even on the garage – only two, but they’ve grown to meet and mingle along the whole length.

The Paeonies are in full bloom at the moment, and again, not just plants on their own, beautiful as they are, they’re combined with others to make a perfect picture, like this one tucked into a Cotinus.

One slight disappointment – they don’t do teas there, but as they knew I’d come a long way, I was given a lovely mug of tea and we sat together, happily discussing plants and gardens, successes and failures. What lovely people they are – Tony even dug up some baby Centranthus for me as he knew I am trying to get it established outside our gate.

Oh, and if you’re ever down that way, they have a holiday let in the garden – imagine having your breakfast in that garden!

The house is Church Farmhouse, Binegar, Somerset, and they have a website so you can have a browse.

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It would be more welcoming if they did teas for people who have driven a long way.
Some folks just dont like washing up !

25 Jun, 2014


Oh that is a lovely place, great to see such brilliant planting and those roses are amazing. :O)

25 Jun, 2014


What a beautiful garden, I love the different combination of plants, especially the paeony and Cotinus;0)

25 Jun, 2014


Oh Diane to do teas you have to have an army of helpers on hand to do only teas. Owners are run off their feet answering questions about the plants. Visitors will know they won't be getting tea and when we visited Spritz's garden we got tea in the garden but many others had brought picnics and were enjoying sitting in the field having it. Nobody minds that as long as they do not leave litter.
The planting colour combinations are wonderful and the iris in the last photo has to be my favourite. I must try and arrange to visit my daughter when the garden is open next year as I would love to sit and enjoy those views.

25 Jun, 2014


A lovely garden to visit. Some of those combos are right up my street. I can see why you recommended Pat Austin, she's a cracker. Maybe one day I'll add her to the garden.
You know that peony with the Cotinus is one I've been running through my mind. Combined with R Rhapsody in Blue they all look great together.
Glad you were able to get a cuppa and some valerian to take home.

25 Jun, 2014


A beautiful afternoon out - greatly enjoyed the tour, just one gasp of delight after another!

Do you need a food safety certificate to do afternoon teas at Open Garden events?

25 Jun, 2014


A wonderful garden plenty of beautiful plants and stunning views too.

25 Jun, 2014


What a wonderful garden to visit, the planting is stunning, can't pick out a favourite everything is lovely and so beautifully colour coordinated, pity it's such a long way off. Will have a look at their websight, would love to wake up to those views.Thanks for showing us round. Glad you were able to get a 'cuppa'!Added to favs, for future ref.

26 Jun, 2014


Glad you enjoyed it. The colour co-ordination is amazing!! Maybe one day if you need a short break you could stay in their holiday cottage which looks really nice, Gralew.

No, Stera, the NGS covers everything, insurance, the lot. It's very helpful if you do open your garden.

Thank you, Scotsgran, for explaining about the difficulty of providing teas. We're lucky that our local W.I do it for us, but if you haven't got that luxury, it could be very difficult to find enough helpers. You also have to allow the use of your kitchen, of course!

26 Jun, 2014


There is probably a Health and Safety Regulation to be
observed when washing up Stera. Most I have been to
get their family teenagers in to make cups of tea, to earn themselves some money. Livens the visit up.

26 Jun, 2014


Those orange/black lillies are simply amazing...! :o)

26 Jun, 2014


What a beautiful garden, loved the plant combinations, the setting, well, all of it really...
Diane we provide tea and cake, usually made by myself and our eldest daughter, served by our grandchildren and youngest daughter, and this is all done for love, no money is given or expected.... it is a family affair.

26 Jun, 2014


I love the view with the church in the background, its a lovely garden Spritz and as already said the colour combo's are amazing.......Thankyou for sharing your visit...

26 Jun, 2014


You're welcome, Lincslass. I enjoyed it so much - I took loads of photos! I told the owners that the number of photos I take at a garden is a good measure of how much I like it...sometimes, I don't take any...nuff said. :-/

27 Jun, 2014


I know the feeling Spritz.......

27 Jun, 2014


We're supposed to let the County Organiser know if there are any gardens not up to standard, but I never do...I was tempted to once, but that particular garden hasn't opened again since, so I think they must have had complaints from other people, or, more likely, inspected it themselves. This was the first year we didn't get one of the team here, so they do go round and make sure the gardens are worth visiting.

28 Jun, 2014


Difficult isnt it?

29 Jun, 2014


It is indeed. I was at a group opening yesterday, and the Asst. County Organiser was there. No problems with the three gardens, though - they were immaculate and lovely! I had a wonderful afternoon. :-D)

30 Jun, 2014


I love visiting other peoples gardens, whatever the size, trying to do one a week if possible. Pleased you had a good afternoon.

1 Jul, 2014


OH doesn't like visiting gardens, so I go on my own. It isn't the same as having someone with you, so I'm hoping my friend Eva might join me next time. :-)

2 Jul, 2014


I do hope she does - its so much nicer having someone to discuss things with. My OH will come with me but isn't really interested in the plants - but he does usually humour me!

2 Jul, 2014


Mine used to, but he has his car to play with, so he opts out now. <sigh>.

3 Jul, 2014


What is it with men and their cars?

3 Jul, 2014



4 Jul, 2014


Just cars HA!
motor bikes, bicycles and boats too in my case. Think yourself lucky :o))

I prefer to leave mine at home as he walks too fast and sighs if he has to dawdle.

4 Jul, 2014


Oooooh, love that Pat Austin/helianthemum combo and the colout of that lupin, gorgeous. I wonder where I can buy one of those church tower garden ornaments? T'would set my garden off a treat:-)) Oh and the colour of that iris sigh, I've been looking at pics of Nancym's irises and drooling. Thanks for the tour of this fabulous, pretty garden, I would love to stay there and will look at their website incase one day........:-)

4 Jul, 2014


Yes, do - they're in the countryside quite near Wells, and the holiday cottage looked really nice.

If you track down a church ornament, get two, please, cos I's like one as well! ;-)

5 Jul, 2014


Flippin' 'eck Barbara, I'm still trying to find r. Designer Sunset for you:-))

6 Jul, 2014


I have to keep you busy, Ba. It keeps you out of mischief! lol.

7 Jul, 2014

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