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Lovely Lilies.


I gave up growing lilies in the borders several years ago, because of the dreaded red peril – aka ‘Lily Beetle’. It’s much easier to have pots in a row which I can inspect every day, and catch the little horrors!

The pots are placed in the borders to give colour where it’s needed – I told you about this in a previous blog. I just thought you might enjoy seeing which lilies I grew this year – and a few from last year.


Rosella’s Dream

Purple Eye



Spring Pink

Netty’s Pride



And finally – one for next year if I can find out its name – it was in the Open Garden at Binegar. Spectacular, isn’t it!

Oh, all right – two more that I confess that I didn’t grow! They were in Open Gardens, but they do count as ‘Lovely Lilies’, don’t they.

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I grow mine in pots too. I agree it is a much better way to keep an eye on them and you can move them around too.

6 Jul, 2014


I grow mine in pots, always cut just one stem of the white scented ones for the house.

Years ago when I was working in Hampshire, the lady I worked for did decorations for weddings (she did the ones for Tim Henmans wedding) When we took the flowers out after the weddings I used to take great bunches of lilies to the houses down the lane, they were too beautiful to throw away. Of course some always found their way into my house too!!

6 Jul, 2014


lovely Lilies. Do you put five in each pot. My lilies this year have been poor. Not because of beetle...just poor bulbs I think. I left it too late to buy and had to take what was left at the GC.

6 Jul, 2014


Yes, five per large pot is perfect. Do you get lily beetles up there, Karen and Linda?

Lucky you, Csarina! :-))

6 Jul, 2014


No, not yet B. :)

6 Jul, 2014


those are breathtaking. I remember your blog and thinking what a good idea it was. Do you buy fresh bulbs every year?

6 Jul, 2014


I've been doing this for a while [hiding pots] and I do it with dahlias too.

did you buy Lily Allen? I seem to remember that lily being orange and black.

These are gorgeous lilies Spritz, such wonderful colours.

6 Jul, 2014


I'm thinking of giving up on lilies the lily beetle reached here a couple of years ago, I get so fed up of picking them off! Must have missed some this year as one pot has been eaten, found the horrible grubs the other day and got rid of them but the damage has been done :(

6 Jul, 2014


Stera, I keep and repot the ones from previous years, and buy a few new ones as well. I bought more 'Purple Eye' this year as it 'went' so well in my island bed.

Sbg - no, but I'll look out for it! My catalogue has arrived...

Skilla, I couldn't give up on my lilies, red perils or not. They're so beautiful and useful. Keep on squishing! (ugh)

7 Jul, 2014


Spritz what compost do you use in the tubs with the lillies please? I am going to stop growing mine in borders and keep them into pots. Do have some in pots but mostly in the borders. I use John Innes No 3 is that ok or would I be better using a different compost?

7 Jul, 2014


I just use multi-purpose, Olive. As I repot them every year, they seem fine. :-)

8 Jul, 2014


ok thank you, I will try some more in pots then, as you say they are easier to keep an eye on.

8 Jul, 2014


Thank you all for these comments - I am well and truly inspired to transfer both my Lilly Regale to a pot. They were destroyed last year by the beetle, and this year by snails. I have just dug up the bulbs to see what state they are in and they are fine, so in a pot they will go. :-)

8 Jul, 2014


Glad to be of assistance! Good luck with them.

9 Jul, 2014


Oh no, you've made me want lilies again:-( I only have one type now, they're in a pot too. I got rid of mine when the scarlet peril decided to put my garden on his 'places to visit'. To add insult to injury, I'm always catching them in flagrante ......
... must think my garden's a knocking shop:-(

12 Jul, 2014


Isn't it strange - I usually find a pair, too. I suppose they have to do 'what comes naturally' but I soon put a stop to their fun! :-Z

13 Jul, 2014

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