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Sad goodbyes.


Not really, it’s just rather sad to move into autumn after a lovely summer. My bulb order arrived well before the summer plants in my containers had finished, so I was in a quandary – should I revamp them and say goodbye to my summer plants or not?

Well, needs must – the box was in the way and it takes me a long time to get my many containers all planted up.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! I call it ‘pot corner’.

Anyway, I bit the bullet and now I’ve only got two left to do. One is still looking wonderful with a dark leaved Euphorbia, orange begonias and blue lobelia and I just can’t bring myself to remove them…yet.

The other is a trough with Salvia ‘Mystic Spires’ and white begonias still flowering their socks off – that can wait as well. The photo shows them blue – they’re purple!

So here are a few of my other efforts.

A shallow trough planted up with crocuses and topped with two Echeverias and Dianthus. I have the same plants waiting for the Salvias to finish, to go in the matching trough!

One of a pair of pots up by the rose arch. They have Narcissus ‘Toto’ in them and purple primroses, glowing purple pansies and tiny Eucalyptus gunnii in the middle for height.

I’ve done this combination before, but I enjoy it so why not? I save the Skimmia ‘Magic Marlot’ from year to year, and plant rose pink toning pansies round it. There are ‘Prince Claus’ crocuses in the pot, so in the spring it looks like this:

As this is a small pot, simplicity seems to work best – underneath are ’Heart’s Delight’ tulips.

What have I done with my big blue pot this year? Well, I chose an unusual tulip called ‘Princess Irene’ and layered them with white multi-headed Narcissus ‘Thalia’ which I love. I couldn’t think what to plant on top, but I’ve ended up with a compromise – a Heuchera ‘Marmalade’ surrounded by almost black velvety violas. The Heuchera will have to be potted up in early spring when the bulbs start to grow up, but I love the combination at the moment.

I like to have a central plant to add height, and this pot has something I’ve never tried before. I think it’ll look better when the violas are in flower. It’s a Juncus spiralis – a sedge having a bad hair day! Naturally there are bulbs underneath – more Narcissus ‘Toto’.

I planted a beautiful Hydrangea in one of my pots and it’s still looking happy there, so that’s one less to worry about for the moment, anyway.

Yesterday I managed to get rid of the large cardboard box, which pleased my husband. I only have a few bulbs left to go in the last two containers, and then I shall be looking forward to a lovely display in the spring. Bye-bye Summer bedding!

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It's always a shame when the summer bedding has to go! I'm always loath to get rid of it till October, especially if there is anything I particularly like & has done very well - maybe still continuing as well!

I would have been VERY loathed to get rid of so many lovely plants still looking so nice!

29 Sep, 2014


You have such talent in choosing plant combinations I love them all, I espcially like the big blue pot with the Heuchera Marmalade great planting;0)

29 Sep, 2014


Just wish I had half your artistic flair Spritz. they look fantastic already. But like Balcony, can't imagine how you managed to turf out so many plants still flowering their hearts out.

29 Sep, 2014


I too am loathe to turf things out, every year I leave them then end up doing them in the cold, seeing yours all planted up is telling me to bite the bullet and get them sorted, I agree with the comments, you have a knack of getting the best out of your combinations, can see a few copycats turning up Spritz but thats complimentary to you.....

29 Sep, 2014


Spritz your pots are just amazing.

29 Sep, 2014


You say the nicest things! Thanks for the compliments. :-D

I really don't mind if anyone wants to copy - that's why we share ideas, after all.

Snoopdog, I don't think your Skimmia can be split, but maybe you could try cuttings off it? Mine is a dwarf one. It won't ever grow any larger, even in the garden.

30 Sep, 2014


Your pots are beautiful. I bought last year tiny Eucalyptus gunii and it grew 6 ft this year. I wish it would stay small like yours. Looking forward to see your pots in the spring . Your last photo is gorgeous.

30 Sep, 2014


Thank you, Klahanie. I had to laugh at the thought of 6' tall trees in my little pots! If they start growing I shall have to remove!

1 Oct, 2014


They grow pretty slowly lSnoop. I had one in small pot size way back in about 1990 and it has moved house twice since then. It is now in the border and is about a metre tall and perhaps a metre and three quarters wide.

It doesn't seem to mind having chunks cut off it either, so no need to worry for ages yet. Dwarf ones are a great idea!

1 Oct, 2014


Some lovely pot combinations Spritz. I do admire the way you just get in there and get on with the job, I`m still dithering and shall be cursing the cold by the time I get round to

1 Oct, 2014


No probs, Snoopdog.

Thank you, Stroller. It was partly the large box sitting in the middle of the floor getting in the way that forced me into action! There's still plenty of time to get yours worry not. ;-) Just add an extra layer and gloves... and a hat... and a scarf... sorry, I mustn't tease you, lol.

2 Oct, 2014


Your pots look marvellous Spritz. I wish I had as much self control and will power as you do with regard to turfing out pots of their summer occupants and tidying up too.

3 Oct, 2014


Thanks - but I still haven't had the heart to empty the last two! I suppose I'll have to now the weather has changed - well, it has here. :-(

4 Oct, 2014


you had more colour in one pot than we had on the right of our garden......rectifying slowly

23 Oct, 2014


I do love filling the pots - they give me so much pleasure, Bram. Good luck with your garden!

25 Oct, 2014


Snoopdog, just realised nobody answered your question - why not try taking some cuttings, you've nothing to lose.
(semi ripe wood in July)

25 Oct, 2014


How come I missed this lovely blog?.........goodness knows!! your container gardening is an inspiration to us all.
I grew the tulips Princess Irene or as it is sometimes called Princes Irene a few years ago, a wonderful colour
Some wonderful combinations rather like your idea re Skimmia Magic Marmot we do grow it in the border, a really slow grower, so perfect for a long term container plant.......

7 Jan, 2015


Thanks, Dd! You know I thoroughly enjoy planting up my containers. :-)) I'm looking forward to seeing Princess Irene.

8 Jan, 2015


Oh just reading above Magic Marmot!! if I do not check everything I write on my tablet it comes up with all sorts lol!!

8 Jan, 2015


I saw that and yes, my iPad corrects me as well - and not always as I want it to! LOL.

At the moment, it keeps writing 'Wee' instead of 'We'. How embarrassing that could be if I didn't spot it!!!!

9 Jan, 2015


Indeed lol

10 Jan, 2015


Looked your lovely pot arrangements over once more Spritz and favourited then for ideas next time round. I have a lot of your sized blue pots, as I have been buying them for a long time. Mostly they just have soil in them, which is not very pretty to behold. Cyclamens seem to be a very handy winter plant for pots too.

11 Jan, 2015


Thank you for the compliment, Dorjac. :-)

12 Jan, 2015

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