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I've always wanted one!


At our previous house I had a hanging basket outside the front door. I really enjoyed planting it up every Spring in my greenhouse ready to hang up when the frosts were over.

We moved to Somerset after we retired and found our home in 2003. It’s a listed building so we are not allowed to fix anything to the outside. Sigh. No more creating hanging baskets. I had to be satisfied with planting up containers, which was fun, but not quite the same.

The beautiful Cytisus in the front garden grew…and grew…until it blocked the narrow entrance to the tiny area of lawn. My husband couldn’t get the mower through.
Then I had a lightbulb moment – how about paving the area and erecting a pole for a hanging basket?
I spent a while on line to get inspiration about designs. I really liked a double one.
My husband liked the idea of the paving. We had already paved a small area in the garden for the urn I found at the Reclamation Yard.

We went back to the Yard and brought back enough slabs for the new paving. Then my very ‘handy husband’ got on
with making the support for my baskets while i enjoyed planting up the baskets.

I had a lovely surprise – he had made a blackbird perching on the top! The baskets were very heavy with all the plants I had packed in.

During the Autumn, i replanted the baskets in shades of green and white.

And earller this year, when the Garden Centres opened again, I really enjoyed planting for Summer.

What a pleasure it is to have a basket again, and I can see them through the dining room window!

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Your hanging baskets are true perfection. They are full of beautiful, colourful plants. I also like what you did with them in the autumn.
But, your urn on the pedestal is absolutely stunning and looks wonderful.
These photos show just how thrilled you were to be able to do your hanging baskets again!!

9 Jun, 2020


A beautiful hanging basket support, love the blackbird and your arrangements are superb. What a team!

10 Jun, 2020


Your hanging basket support is super, clever Hubby. Love the blackbird. And your plants in the baskets, show off the design, happy planting.

10 Jun, 2020


that's my girl!

beautiful Spritz and such thoughtful planting. Hubby's with transferable skills are worth the weight in gold. Must show this to mine. Though to be fair I do have brackets on the wall I just haven't done anything with them for a few years now. I will come the autumn. You have re inspired me.

10 Jun, 2020


Hello Barbara, where ya been? Love the baskets and that beautiful pot on the plinth, fabulous planting. I can't get to a garden centre, (no car) but many of my basket plants have survived the winter including petunias and a helichrysum! :-)

10 Jun, 2020


Like the idea of winter baskets: yours are lovely.
How useful to have such a handy husband!

10 Jun, 2020


Wow! What a clever couple you are! Where there is a will there is a way.........beautifully done.

10 Jun, 2020


Thank you all for your kind comments! I hope you are all 2 metres apart lol..

10 Jun, 2020


Dear Henry,

Lovely Blog. Beautiful pictures.

2010, end of summer, I went to UK for a pos graduation program.
Something I was enchated there were the hanging baskets with flowers, mostly on streets.
I looked for something similar here but unfortunatelly was not able to find it.
Only on WISH and is a nightmare, because it can be retained in customs, or taxed at 60% for being imported, etc. etc.
Still waiting for some gardening store here import them. I'll be the first on line to buy those. :)

10 Jun, 2020


Have to agree with everyone - the pole and baskets are great, including the inspiredlittle bird. When you first had that urn I never imagined a display like that -its glorious.

10 Jun, 2020


You are both very creative...and the baskets provide food for some insects so all in all...ten out of ten!

13 Jun, 2020


Lovely blog Barbara ... your green and white planting scheme is very stylish 🙂.

14 Jun, 2020


Hello Barbara... so nice to see your garden again! your planters are an inspiration. have always loved your riverside garden, how is it coming along?

23 Jun, 2020

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