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Oh dear!


I had been falling in the garden, but all was explained when I went to have my eyes tested.

You see, I have cataracts in both eyes, although one is worse than the other. My Optometrist told me that it was no wonder I’d been falling!

I am an obstinate person, however, and my garden is my pride and joy! I am always looking round critically to see how I can improve it.

Who knows what this horror is?

Yes, it’s HAIRY BITTERCRESS and if you don’t manage to weed every single one, you discover more hiding in your flowerbeds the following year, or even later in the same year!

So here I am, trying really hard to find the wretched things…but I can’t see them, if they are small ones!

I am on my countdown to get my cataracts seen to, oh joy! Then they will find it much harder to hide from me!

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I've liked this not because you need your eyes doing but because you are brave to show us. I also have hairy bittercress and they release about 100 seeds per capsule. Which is why they are so good at spreading.
the Clem is beautiful.

3 May, 2022


I too have added a like because its so good to see a blog from you Spritz, I had cataracts in both eyes a few years back and know what its like to stumble and fall, naturally my first thought was always " who is watching" I hope you get them sorted soon, I cried when I uncovered my eye the next day after the first op because I could see actual leaves on the hawthorn instead of dirty greenish smudges...

4 May, 2022


I liked for the same reason as Seaburngirl. Good luck with your op.

4 May, 2022


Thank you for your kind words. Not long now!

4 May, 2022


Good luck with having your cataracts done. I had both of mine done at the same time, obviously needed help whilst covered for 2 days after, but then the world just got brighter and brighter.

4 May, 2022


Good luck with your cataract op! My wife had both her eyes done a few years ago.

I asked about the cataracts in my eyes but they still need a few mores years to develop was what the optometrist told me back in March this year! 😂

4 May, 2022


Best of luck with you eye op. I have had one eye done & it was a good result. I can see tiny bitter cress seedlings & I’m weeding them out. Funny thing is there are a lot this year but I never had them before, blown in from somewhere l suppose.

6 May, 2022


Sending sympathy re the bittercress I fought it vigorously for a couple of years and seem to have more or less won, (for now...)so be encouraged! This year's battle has been mainly speedwell with a good sprinkling of dandelions from the field next door but one.
Its amazing how many have had cataracts done! Just think how much blindness there would have been a few years ago. Its great to hear how many of us have benefitted from surgery isn't it?
Its really nice to hear from you again Spritz - you are one of the people I well remember from when first joined and i still think about you when there are prolonged heavy rains!
Do you still have that collection of orchids?

6 May, 2022


Hello Spritz, so nice to see you again ,I say'see' in relation to the many of us that have also had Cataracts removed, and the best thing ever,in my case,as I had to wear glasses from the age of 10,and decades later,owing to failing sight,and modern technology,I only need glasses for reading now. A whole new world will open up for you,so that Hairy Bittercress won't stand a chance,when you are all ready to do battle with it Lol Good luck..x

6 May, 2022


Hi Spritz, so sorry to hear you’ve been having a pretty awful time of it. Pleased you’re having your op done soon! The waiting lists have been absolutely horrendous.I do hope you are doing ok after the falls and not having any more? The first pic is a very pretty selection of plants and colour! Wishing you well and best of luck with your procedure x

7 May, 2022


I found out that I had cataracts when I went temporarily blind in one eye from a blood clot resultant from the two shot covid19 vaccine (I will not mention which vaccine it was). The clot broke down in the emergency room in about 4 hours with full vision returning in the affected eye. During this episode I noticed that the vision in the eye I could see out of was not good at all ... that’s how I found out about my cataracts. Anyway, I found both procedures to be very relaxing and enjoyable and I hope that you will too.

9 May, 2022


Well, some good came out of your blood clot! At least you discovered the cataract & got it fixed. I was scared stiff when I had my cataract op. but it was nothing to worry about, just as everyone said.

10 May, 2022


Hallo, everyone, I was supposed to have both eyes done on the same day but the Surgeon wasn't happy about it, so I've had the worse one done and have an appointment booked for the second one in two weeks' time.

Thank you all for your good wishes! P.S. I'm banned from gardening atm. BOOO!!!!!

The op went well, I was told...I was amazed how many of you have had cataracts!

13 May, 2022


so glad one eye now sorted. No gardening is a pain but not worth damaging your eyesight. just sit and stare and enjoy all your hard work.

13 May, 2022


Thats a relief for you to have one done, I was also unable to have both done together Spritz, I had that one done later and have never looked back... You have my every sympathy as regards not being able to do your gardening, my family more or less tied me down in the end because I couldn't resist doing a few jobs , lol.....

13 May, 2022


Congratulations, Spritz, on having your first cataract done! The time will soon fly & you'll be back out in the garden with much improved sight just in time for the glorious colours of summer!

13 May, 2022


Ditto... I could not do anything in the garden either and this was during the summer months which resulted in my garden being consumed by weeds. It really surprised me as how fast it happened.

14 May, 2022


Well, I have had the second one done, so HOORAY!!!!! I am allowed back in the garden. I have to confess that I did creep round chopping off the dead heads of my innumerable Byzantine Gladioli...but I wasn't bending over, so all was well.

The BEST thing after the second cataract was removed was seeing my blue flowers. My Geraniums GLOWED!!!!

21 Jun, 2022


So glad to hear that they have both been done now. It takes a little while after the op for the eye to settle down.
Glad that you can see the lovely colours again & enjoy
gardening again.

21 Jun, 2022


So pleased to hear you have had your second cataract removed & can see your lovely garden so much better now!

23 Jun, 2022


my friends who have had it done all say colours are so much brighter.
glad all went well and of course you went dead heading. You just cant keep a good girl down ;o)

23 Jun, 2022


Sorry I'm late we've been away so only just trying to catch up.. I'm pleased to see you are alright Spritz and that you can see the colours again, no more stumbling either, not surprised you still did some gardening, I was the same and remember it did me a power of good, not only being able to see what I was doing but also in my mind, my excitement came from being able to see individual leaves and petals instead of masses of dull smudges....

28 Jun, 2022

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