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Yesterday and today, while trying to tidy the edges of my grassy areas, I kept disturbing ants… they didn’t appreciate me cutting the edges at all, and spread all over the grass, my shears, my kneeling mat and ME. They bit hard. There are two kinds, red and black, and there must be at least 6 areas where they are. Some had wings. Is anybody else coming across this problem, and does anybody have any ideas to help, please?

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I use Ant traps that I buy from Asda ( im sure you get them anywhere though ) I find them very affective , the Ant takes the bait back to the nest and it wipes them all out .

6 Aug, 2007


Thanks weemamabell - but are they safe with dogs? I am sure you've realised that we have Henry living with us!

6 Aug, 2007


I have also used these Ant traps as I had ants all over the patio. I put down three traps and their all gone. Don't worry about your dogs, the traps are tiny round disc's with small holes for the ants to go into to take the bait, I have cats and not found them a problem.
You can buy it in powder form to sprinkle but this may not be wise if you have animals.

7 Aug, 2007


There seem to be a lot of these flying ants around just now. The remedy I was taught way back by my parents is to find where they are emerging from, and pour boiling water over. A bit gruesome perhaps, but I suppose they die instantly. Only possible of course where there are no plants in the vicinity.

10 Aug, 2007


That's the problem, Lily. They seem to be at the edge of the lawn into the flowerbeds, so if I pour boiling water, the plants won't appreciate it! I'll take a trip to Asda next week and try the ant traps....let you know what happens. Got to do something, I'm fed up with being bitten.

10 Aug, 2007


Help! I went to Asda today, and there weren't any ant traps. I've looked on E.Bay and they have Nippon traps and ones which call themselves 'rock' ant traps. Which do I buy please? I've used the Nippon powder indoors, no problem. No idea what the others are.

11 Aug, 2007


Hi Spritzhenry, I don't know if you ever got to grips with your ants but talcum powder works. We had them a couple of years ago and a combination of talc and those little traps worked (we couldn't decide which was best so went for both!)

30 Jul, 2009


Thanks - I still get ant hills round the edge of the lawns, and the ants do bite! I'll give it a try. :-)

30 Jul, 2009


Did the traps work Spritz? as there seems to be lots of ants in my garden this year.

10 Jun, 2010


Yes, they work well, Denise. I've seen them for sale in several places this year, Supermarkets, B&Q, GCs too. No probs with Henry, either, as they're just little round boxes that I hide under a plant near the anthills or where there are most ants.

10 Jun, 2010


Thanks Spritz I will have to get some.

10 Jun, 2010

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