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Mother of all fall storms moving in..


By stan510


Locally,its been years since the news media started warnings days ahead of heavy- very heavy- rains to come.
Tonight’s the night. Mountain areas locally can see up to 8". A prodigious amount that is rare here. All that in 24 hours of rain.
Time to put the cat beds indoors,from the back porch.

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Hi Stan ... stay safe !

10 Dec, 2014


There is so much more very heavy rain isn't there? Same here Stan.

10 Dec, 2014


Keep safe Stan.

11 Dec, 2014


I hope you weathered the storm. They're unpleasant things.
In Wales we are used to lots of rain ... we face the Atlantic ! :)

11 Dec, 2014


Thanks all!..It wasnt near worst case. Just loads of rain,pretty much what we need.
You have to wonder though,when you see- live- on the news old timers trying to drive through a flooded street and their cars stall. Its like they have never driven in heavy rains before-lol. Kids I can see doing that,but c'mon!

My potted porch plants were knocked all around,the motion sensor light stayed on all night..but no tree's of mine dropped any branches. That last wind storm was bad enough.

11 Dec, 2014


Hi Stan ..
The TV news has just shown footage of the floods in various parts of the USA. I hope you are still okay and that you haven't had any further flooding.

Let us know... maybe make a blog with photos to show how your trees and plants survived.

12 Dec, 2014

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