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On the New Year..


By stan510


Why is it the past seems so easy to see what should have been done,while one minute into the future is confusing to me?

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That's because we can see where we have been. And we have yet to find the right path.

happy new year Stan.

1 Jan, 2015


The past is something your hands have let go of; the present is something that your hands hold onto now and the future is something that you are about to touch but you do not know what. Just be sure that the past and future don't press so hard against each other that you do not have room for the present.

2 Jan, 2015


My Dad used to talk about 20/20 hindsight! Not sure I have anything to say that would help clear up confusion... been there, done that, bought the t-shirt! I'm into going with the flow... a bit Zen... a bit cross my fingers. Sometimes you can see a pattern in the past and it helps guide you (with planting or plant selection).
Best wishes for decisiveness and clarity in 2015!

2 Jan, 2015


And,when you do get to a didn't get there in the way you imagined decades ago.
As far as gardening?- like many people- Why didn't I plant that rare palm 20 years ago? Or rare anything? I think of even 12-15 years ago working at a greenhouse job I had opportunity's to try extra's of what we had, outdoors. But I didn't,thinking too tender.
But,now I'm buying some of those same plants,planting outdoors and they are doing well....15 years of growth time wasted.
As i mentioned on one post,I'm lucky if I have another 20 years left based on family history. I don't drink or smoke-lol,that is not like the rest of the brothers. I might get an extry year or so!

3 Jan, 2015


Well Stan510, the way I see it, life is like a watching a movie, either the film breaks somewhere inbetween and the screen goes suddenly blank or you get to see "FIN" at the end. The name of the movie of my life is " Luck and Fate".
By the way you wondered what that flowering plant was growing in the front of my house, it is an oak leaf hydrangia called "Ruby Slippers" there is a further elaboration of this in a comment under the photo.

3 Jan, 2015


Very nicely grown.

btw, I hope to be old,watch a funny movie,go to bed..and get "time to go notice" from whatever's in charge of that.
THEN, wake up in the next reality.
Best case.-wink.

4 Jan, 2015


Thanks. They're in a good spot, sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon.

4 Jan, 2015

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