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Removing water needy extra's.


By stan510


I took down a large old Yellow Brugmansia since it was the second I have. One is enough of Yellow. I did keep -but cut far back, “Frosty Pink” My wife loves that one. So,I can water it well without the Yellow sucking all the water up.
The “Charles Grimaldi” was looking parched anyways. Bare.
I also did some big pruning on the other Yellow..all branches over the fence or over the Studio,removed.
I don’t mind. its just more refinement of the yards. I cant say what I have is all “rare”..but the super common can go if its also water hungry.
My large Ash and Magnolia and Tree Yucca..common,but need no summer water. Leave them be.
So,more pruning to go.

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So hard for u watching your plants suffer from the drought...hope it all survives!

26 Jul, 2016


Thanks Sandra. This particular plant I started as a cutting I just stuck in the ground- no roots- about 10-15 years ago.

26 Jul, 2016


You're ruthless, Stan...ha ha, but sometimes you have to be for the overall good of the garden.

27 Jul, 2016


Behind that mess Paul is a Meyer's Lemon. That tree was in a very large pot for a decade or more. So,it always grew those little twiggy branches potted fruit tree's grow.
I then planted it in the ground at 3-4'...again,for years it looked the same!..thin branches,small lemons here and there,and drooped fast if not watered.
This year? It took off..vertical tree like branches,big citrus leafs. The roots must have been stimulated by the winter rains.
Finally its going to be a tree.

27 Jul, 2016


I love clearing around a tree to give it space...tiny seedlings have enjoyed the protection in the early years but then the decision has to be made. Now your lemon tree will benefit from the light and not have to fight for water.

27 Jul, 2016


Thanks Sandra. In this ferocious heat right now- 90F's those cut leaves will dry out to nothing soon. I wont have to even fill the green recycle bin with it.

27 Jul, 2016

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