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Down go the Roses..


By stan510


I cut them down. Every year its been the same problem..they need too much water AND- even worse,they would by late summer always get fungal..ugly.
I wanted to cut them down years ago,then we had the wet winters-rainfall near average the last two- and they flowered great in spring.
The other 10 months..not worth it. The wife agreed. She could see that something thought of as water hungry- my banana plants- had actually looked nice and thrived on the same watering the roses got. She also can use banana leafs in her recipes.
Roses look fine up and down the street. I don’t get why mine,that I bought at a premium roses nursery..just needed so much work and effort. My neighbors hardly do a thing to theirs.
Gardens evolve. Stay tuned!

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Several things come to mind - I wonder if you give them to much water which may promote fungi? mine do not thrive when its wet. But watering needs it may be different in California?
I feed mine every 6 weeks with a specific rose food plus a handful of Epsom salts. I spray with a fungicide every 6 weeks to keep the black spot etc away. I also dead head down the stem about 6" after the flower has finished. I only tidy mine in the autumn enough so they dont rock but I prune in the early spring.

22 Aug, 2016


I do hand water.and the Rose foliage would get wet. I Also wonder if the very close Euonymous hedge- and it also is a mildew magnet- also added to the problem.
Now,I never water the hedge and that seems to keep the fungi level low.
All around the neighborhood roses are nice.

22 Aug, 2016


Maybe the hedge crowds them? they need good air circulation to help keep fungus down. Have a look at how your neighbours grow them and see if perhaps they are to near your hedge.

22 Aug, 2016


Very possible. They were between a 5' tall and wide and 30' long hedge and the house,about 4' behind the Roses. Just a narrow walkway really even if it does get sun almost the whole day.

22 Aug, 2016


I dug them all up Dr. They both have sizeable trunks. I cant throw them away. I think, large 15 gallon nursery pots will do.
Its not going to be a great potting soil..too expensive. The best dirt I got!. it was good enough for orchards in the 19th and then early 20th century..should be good enough for roses. I hope.
A lemon guava replaced them. A plant it came to me- my aunt had those in her yard 30 years ago. She said "We never water or do anything and its loaded with fruit"
All these weeks I've had it-The connection. Then,it came to me today seeing it in ground.

23 Aug, 2016


Good luck lets hope for a better result.

23 Aug, 2016


Both are hybrids..large hybrids. Better to try and see what happens. Thanks!

23 Aug, 2016


One that is really great looking when at its best?..I replanted in the ground someplace else not as extreme in heat and going dry. No Euonymous hedge close by. It was also a premium priced Rose from a nursery that specializes in them.

Its in a tight fit. But the soil there is blacker. My old home was cut into a slight slope when built..someplaces the topsoils are black,others more like the lower clayish soils beneath that..only on top now.
The other..bloomed more but sort of a blah color. I got that one at a home improvement store. I might pot that up and see what happens

24 Aug, 2016


Give it a try Stan I Have just dug over a new rose bed and am thinking all one colour such as pink?

24 Aug, 2016


Sure,why not? Sounds good to me. If you think not enough contrast..maybe border with annuals or perennials that compliment pink.
Or,rock work border?..a nice contrasting color.

Roses have a huge range- I know you know that. I bought long stem red roses 5-6 years ago..and were they delicate. Died so fast from the drought limiting water. Yet,I have near wild type roses elsewhere..nothing kills

24 Aug, 2016


This is an extreme roses with black Mondo grass circling it.
Something the Getty Museum might do!

24 Aug, 2016

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