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Watering right about now getting tedious...


By stan510


As small as the yards are hand watering has always been the way.
But with no rains since April?..about now its going from relaxing to a grind. Happens to me every year and why a September or October fluke storm is very nice to have. You can’t count on that as September is just about the hottest month of the year.
Of course like baby’s that can feed themselves,this is what I have to guard against..complacency can cost me a plant that I have had for years.
I do so much calculating in my noggin with the variety I head is whirring away as to water more for this one,skip for that one,and the other water and never forget to hose it need have its foliage soaked- Staghorn ferns for one.
I think getting older is helping. I give up on a California yard of huge size. It would either be more then I can handle,or more water than I can use,or….large areas of nothing. So whats the point of wanting that?
Now I find myself glad that the largest plants don’t even need me. I need more of the self reliant plants-lol.

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Yes, many of the big established plantswith tap roots will tunnel down to find the moisture.
Our lawn is getting brown in patches but we certainly don't usually have to cope with the temperatures and drought you have.
Mind you , it has been Early 90,s (F) here the last few days!

26 Aug, 2016


Not hot here Paul,at all. The fogbank has rolled since the start of August. Theirs been an upwelling of cold,cold,waters in the Pacific. Instead of sunny morns and 80's..its been high 70's at best. At least the fog burns off about 10am...sunny the rest of the day.
On the coast? sun and high 50's. What summers they have..

26 Aug, 2016


I think we all have to be aware of the extra work as we get older...watering the pots and the garden being one of those jobs I'm trying to reduce every year. I say I'm not going to have as much in pots every year, but somehow or other I always seem to have just as many...I must get a grip next year lol!

27 Aug, 2016


Exactly. I think I vowed not to add more potted plants a few times...
..and yet,Always more then last year!

27 Aug, 2016

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