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Hottest day of the year 94F +


By stan510


Actually its 93F (34C)right now at 1:57 pm. I would expect 94+ BY 4pm.
Extremes can be hard on plants used to a milder climate. Freezing is bad on my tropical’s..and high heat is deadly if they go too dry.
I went out and did a mercy watering..enough to get them by today’s peak heat.
Its a reminder that I NEED to have the drought end.

When its late winter..and everything is soaking wet,and the sun comes out? Its hard to keep in mind we can get old west dusty dry. Bone dry air and dirt cracking in the baking hot sunny day. I just need my kerchief to wipe the sweat off my cowboy brow…and then I can skip shaving!

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Can't imagine how you folk survive those temps!

26 Sep, 2016


Holy mackerel- its now 98F or 37C. I touched the black screen door and nearly got a burn mark. Same for my cutters in the sun.
This might be hottest day in several years!

26 Sep, 2016


I'm sorry to hear of your dreadful weather. It must be very stressful.
I'm afraid I would become very depressed in such conditions. I hope it cools down for you soon.

27 Sep, 2016


Wow, I found it too much the one day we got 33c here. Poor you. Hope it cools soon for you

27 Sep, 2016


Sounds way too hot to do anything....send a biit of it our way, it's a bit chilly here today. Lol ?

27 Sep, 2016


It was a record for the day. 98F broke the old 94f set in 1958.
Gee, I was just a few days old then. I saw the return!

I'm sure in 2074 I will be watching to see if it repeats one more time..

27 Sep, 2016



27 Sep, 2016


Don't think it'll matter to you when it comes around once more Stan, its when I read of the temps people like yourself and Lori have to live with that I am glad I am here in England, the weather is one of our favourite topics and we love to have a grumble but really we are thankful....

27 Sep, 2016


Its good for today..then a cool off. The last 3 days were like living in the tropics- even the nights were warm. Later by the end of the week,back to the temperate zone with highs around 70f (21C).
This September has been a wild one with big swings. Hmm,isn't that what they say about Global.... wink.

27 Sep, 2016


Lol, here the big swings have been between wet and windy, and quite nice...

28 Sep, 2016


They are giving the bay area a 40% chance of rain this weekend.
That almost always turns into 0 amounts of rain. The real winter storms dont begin until November.

What we get now if it does is just enough to wet things,make dust craters on the car. Not enough to wash even the dirt off.

29 Sep, 2016

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