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First ever Cattleya outdoor blooms.


By stan510


This is one of two I bought at the Hayward Flea Market in June. I hadnt even noticed a bloom forming…just went out to water by can the porch plants and there it was. Facing the other direction so that one reason I hadnt notice it. I turned it around for the pics.
One hurdle! getting to make it through the winter and hopefully make a nice big Orchid clump one day.

Cupcake,not impressed.

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Congratulations it's a beaut

11 Oct, 2016


Our cats never seem impressed with all the effort we put into our gardens :-). Its a beautiful bloom.

12 Oct, 2016


We certainly couldn't grow one of those outside here! Hope yours does survive the winter, its a beauty. Your little cat looks comfortable! I like tabbies.

12 Oct, 2016


Thanks All. Its up in the air if they are capable of winters here. All I can do is bring them in if we get some arctic front. Every 3-4 years we get those and they stay about a week. The very tender I cover or bring in. If its planted in the ground and larger sized? its on its own.
Just like in summer when temps are so warm and nights are balmy and I start to forget what cold weather is? In winter when it drops to near freezing in the morning I wonder how the heck those tropical plants can take that freezer!

12 Oct, 2016


It's a very impressive flower.
Cupcake is also very impressive :)

12 Oct, 2016


That cat loves to talk. Part Abyssinian. He's always making cat language that seems to translate to "feed me" or "hold me" being that he is still mostly a baby cat,I try to overlook all that noise-lol.

13 Oct, 2016


What a gorgeous orchid - and Cupcake is very pretty too - just brought my Cymbidium orchid into the conservatory - it has been outside but I can't risk a frost - it has got 2 spikes forming and is a pinky red colour - no chance of growing a Cattleya in my conservatory - happy gardening - Jane

13 Oct, 2016


Thank you Jane.
Nice- A Cymbidium this time of year in bloom is rare.
I should try and visit the vender Jane that had the cat orchid to see if she has one. She has a nice variety. The last Cym I bought from her was in bloom and then stayed in bloom almost a month.

13 Oct, 2016


That is really lovely Stan, Cupcake looks a bit special as well, we have cat language here as well, different tones for different times of the day, some get a tad noisey at mealtimes....

14 Oct, 2016


Luckily he's one of four that all get along. Its interesting to watch them defer to who's really hungry at the food bowl. Like they know. So polite. They are different ages but all taken in by me ..the last two were supposed to be pets of the grandkids..but so far,Im doing all the care.
Must be an old story I suspect...

14 Oct, 2016

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