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Stan stops at a local Historical Park.


By stan510


Its the old 150 year+ home of one of California’s first plantsman. That would be the age of the largest tree’s including the incredible Ficus macrophylla and the equally fantastic Chilean Wine Palms,largest in the state.

The Ficus-

Wine Palms-

mini coconut seeds of palms- eaten by Squirrels!

Various structures.

Chilean Bilota tree. Odd,Dinosaur like bark.

A nice Tecoma stans. A color variation from the all yellow.

Next to the park,some nice tropicals. Schefflera,GBOP,Ficus nitida shaved!

HUGE,Eucalyptus. Maybe E.viminalis.

Thats it!

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The roots on that fiscus....just WOW! Thanks for the journey around the park Stan.

22 Oct, 2016


Loved the tour. Thanks for sharing Stan.

22 Oct, 2016


You are all very welcome.
Below the Begonia photo is Pineapple sage. It tends to be invasive..but sure smells good.

22 Oct, 2016


Thankyou Stan, its good to see places like this lovely park and the amazing trees and structures, something that wouldn't happen if not for people like you sharing with us...

28 Oct, 2016


The trees at the Shinn Estate in Fremont look great! When I lived in Fremont I used to go there a lot to see those spectacular Chilean wine palms and Australian Banyan Fig. I know the Chilean wine palms were planted in 1877 and I believe the giant Ficus macrophylla (Moreton Bay Fig) was planted in 1880, right?

I do remember the Ficus macrophylla was pretty badly damaged during the horrible 1990 freeze. I think it was somewhat damaged in the 1932 and 1972 freezes, also.

Stan, you meant Ginkgo biloba, right? I remember that tree is very large, also.

28 Oct, 2016


Andy,Its Bellota. Carytocaria rubra. Not much on the internet about them. The SF botanical garden has one,but at well under a century its not a rival.
Young ones are said to be Oak like in looks. Nobody would guess in old age..nothing like an Oak.
Lin..your welcome. I keep the camera handy. Old school just to use one instead of an Eyesomething Apple something, camera.

29 Oct, 2016


There's a large Gingko tree, there, also, right? ...or maybe it's just my mind going! lol!

Was that Carytocaria rubra tree planted around 1880?

30 Oct, 2016


1876 is the marker for the all the largest tree's Andy. Ficus,Palm,Ginko and Bellota.
Makes you wonder what was cut down years ago when developers swallowed up the rest of the estate.
I think California Historical Nursery was his. There they have an old Agathis still going,lots of huge tall Canary Island Date Palms..tall even by their usual standards.
Its a nice microclimate. I drive by there every day..a little warmer then Hayward,2-3 F and not much of the bay winds.
I get that breeze all summer. Sometimes,its nice..but I know it holds summer temps down a tad bit.

30 Oct, 2016


Yes, I know there's so many large old historical trees in Fremont. I'm sure it's because of the old California Nursery Company which I believe was the first nursery of its kind in California.

I have seen the very old, tall P. canariensis. They are gigantic! I remember some are very close to 95' tall (If I'm not mistaken) or maybe taller. Hopefully, they will never cut them down. I know Canary Island Date palms can live for centuries. I'm guessing some of those palms were most likely planted in the 1860's.

Do you remember the really giant 75'(?) Podocarpus gracilior planted in Niles next to a very old house? I'm guessing that tree was originally purchased from California Nursery Company. Unfortunately, it was cut down several years ago. :>((

30 Oct, 2016


No. The biggest I've seen is on B Street in Hayward- I put a photo of it in Dave's Garden. Next to a dentist shop. Its not the tallest..but look at that trunk and lower branches. Its massive.

31 Oct, 2016


There's some really giant Podocarpus trees in San Jose, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara and on the Peninsula.

Here in San Diego the old Podocarpus trees are massive. I have posted some on GoY.

1 Nov, 2016

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