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Traveling through Google...and more rains here!


By stan510


That last big storm made us 400% more then the average for that date. Well,we are having more October rains over the next 4-5 days. Our cup runneth over and aren’t I glad I held on to my plants rather then just let them die in summer? You bet. Too many years wasted. Its scary now calculating how many years if I start small today!

But,I’ve been something I never tried before..using Google maps to go to what city I can thing of…and drive around. No place in particular..just regular people streets,some name streets..but I usually take a side street and leave those behind eventually.
So far I’ve learned- Guadalajara Mexico wins most Ficus benjamina street trees pruned to within an inch of their lives!..all trimmed in neat shapes. Very Japanese. They also have a warm enough climate that Butterfly palms are in every yard and business planting. They look lush.
Acapulco? Not really all that attractive as I hoped because so few homes even have a yard. Like Guadalajara,homes are crushed together with what front yard you see is cemented over. They DO have …most Mango tree’,Acapulco has nearly one on every corner.
Honolulu? Nobody comes close to most TI plants!..everyplace. You know what I sort of miss? Honolulu has no dry climate type plants-lol. No tree cacti. But- I can see that I would choose Honolulu to visit..its the epitome of tropical and everybody speaks English and uses dollars and cents.
This new PC i got last year unlike my old instant. My old one? Froze in a few hundred yards of photos.
I wonder what fantastic city or neighborhoods in this world I can drive around in my virtual reality.
’Cause real reality is never going to happen…

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Love google maps...never though to plant hunt on there though....nice plan dads house view in there has his dogs standing in the wall.. But I wish they would update the pic of my garden it's grown loads since the mast

28 Oct, 2016


Happy travelling Stan!
Sandra, so do I - mine's just all grass and the house is dull grey pebbledash. It looks awful.

28 Oct, 2016


LOL! Two years ago, hub and I were talking about taking a sentimental journey to the city where we started our life together... long story short...we ended up going via google earth and it was fantastic... we saw all the old sites on a beautiful sunny day and were home for dinner! Now plant viewing is a bit different... but it's a great idea. I'm not sure how often they update the street level pics, though. ;-)
got side tracked with the Google thing...but hurrah for the rain! Hope you get lots more.

28 Oct, 2016


1.Here's what I also like about google. You can drive backwards and on the wrong side of the problems. Its all google legal.
2. There are very,very,very, few hard core gardeners in the world. Not near as many as I hoped.
3. What really strikes you sometimes here in California? Is when Google June on any street becomes Google December when you go across the street, say. You then see the sky- sunny both times- change in brightness. How much brighter the sky is in summer..then go back and forth a time or two to sink in. Big difference.
4. My old house would fit in with downtown Key West just fine!..minus coconuts. The look is there.
More,when it comes to me..wink

28 Oct, 2016


wow- I just was in La Barca close to Lake Chapala as could find for the moment. I saw a very healthy coconut palm in a tiny backyard.
Interesting that its the only one I've seen going up and down streets there and in similar Guadalajara.

28 Oct, 2016


Unfortunately Stan, if your virtual travel takes you to town of Ajijic on Lake Chapala..... where we are going every year..... , you will mostly see just high walls. All the beauty is behind these high walls of humble houses. And sometimes what you see behind the humble facade its breathtaking. There is a part on the east side of town called La Floresta (near Walmart) where planting outside is nice. I love to walk there all the time. It is a fun and colourful village otherwise. Lots of murals. Probably worth your virtual visit :-)
And do not want to live in La Barca (trust me) Virtual visit is fine :-).

29 Oct, 2016


I did notice that..high walls everywhere in Mexico. Sometimes topped with another 6' of chain link and razor wire. Some of those homes look like prisons.
I have to wonder too about the electrical system-lol. Oh,wires going an overloaded strip outlet after all the PC and TV and stero stuff is plugged in.

Then,you have Beverley Hills..its not a neighborhood,its walls of tall hedges also,everywhere. Block after block. Its a bonanza for garden maintenance company's. NO way owners in BH do that..wink.

Santa Barbara is nicest of soucal seems to me. Looks like California I picture best of soucal.

29 Oct, 2016

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