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By stan510


I have to admit,I’m really forcing myself to get out and water,prune..forget re potting lately. The garden season is long here. That late winter push to do all that I couldn’t for the 3 very cool rainy now down to,“woo- hot out”
Its happens. I years past, might even lose something valuable. Its pot tipped over and I put off getting to it..of course not watering is no.1. But cats,heat,wind. Well,when I’m tired of it all..I would lose something.
The last few years- about the time I’ve been posting on GOY, I made up my mind to trudge through. But,its getting harder even with double willpower-lol. Older does that I think.
And so many of those high maintenance plants don’t really change much after that first planting and growth. You all notice that a 15 year old plant looks pretty much the same at 25 years..right? So,you kind of let up.
And wrapping a 100’ commercial quality rubber hose is a real workout when I’m done!
So a timeout I think is needed in the yard.

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I only grow plants that look after themselves, the native sort. I have my 8x10 vegatable garden but it pays me back in direct proportion to the work i invest in it.

7 Sep, 2017


Stan I feel for you. I think a similar situation may be looming for several of us here - I certainly didn't plant as many containers this spring.Its a hard decision but if you leave it alone now and see what survives over the winter it might be easier on you next year?

7 Sep, 2017


Stear- I get sucked into potted plant growing. Like I never learn. They use more water then all the in ground plants combined including the tree's.

Paul,I have moved in the direction of dry plants so much over the last few years. But- you are right- ONLY natives do the very best here on water needs. I learned long ago that all those desert plants? will die from total lack of water for 8 warm months of the year. Only our natives think of mid summer as the time to go dormant,and then go into fast growth mode around February.

I dabbled in tropical fruit plants..but that too can be intensive.

Its not right now to break with it all..but some.

7 Sep, 2017


Stan I had to change my gardening habits a few years back due to ill-health and of course my age, this year I've really made lots more changes, supposed to be making my life easier, you're right some jobs are harder to do, trouble is we don't notice until we've done them....

7 Sep, 2017


Stan I feel for you,we have all been there,We moved to a new house a few months back,and I have only put in plants that look after themselves,with a bit of help from me,no hanging baskets,and not to many pots,age has caught up on me.

8 Sep, 2017


Stan, Bathgate, Steragram, LincsLass, Callie, : I think it's time for some Vitamin tablets! Guess we all have days when everything seems too much effort. Maybe it's that time of year also, when here Autumn is looming. September has often been an Indian Summer but at the moment is anything but.

For some reason I am reminded of the old man in our village inn, who, when asked what he would do if he won a fortune on the Football Pools, said,

"Concrete the b****y garden!"


8 Sep, 2017


Lol Eirlys. I bet he didn't really mean it. We passed a long front garden this afternoon that had had the concrete treatment and it looked so dreary...

8 Sep, 2017


That's so funny Eirlys.I still enjoy gardening,but try to make it as easy as possible.

8 Sep, 2017


When I feeling peppy in spring,I guess I go gung-ho,and try something intensive....and then it turns not to be returning the effort in growth-lol.
Next year I have to get to some sort of watering by hand now with what I've done isnt the best. Not as efficient. Although,when you water by hand you NEVER worry something is over watered.

8 Sep, 2017


I tried to find someone that would help maintain my garden as I'm not able to do as much as I used to.
The first chap that came declined the job as he said he thought I needed a horticulturist.
The next person suggested I rip everything out & grass the lot.
Others needed to be told which were plants & which weren't.
So, no help was found & I just carry on doing what I'm able.
I think it's important to enjoy your garden & not be a slave to it, so sit a while, Stan & do what you can when you feel like it.

12 Sep, 2017


I agree with you GF, just do what you can,when you are able.

12 Sep, 2017

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