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Added Plum and Avocado tree.


By stan510


I also think in spring I want to plant grapes and Kiwi. The plum is a Santa Rosa plum- my favorite fruit in the world. Crunchy juicy skin, very sweet.
The Avocado is Hass. I didn’t want any novelty’s like dwarf cado or like that. I wanted the real thing. It will be 3-4 years to have fruit. I should have done it the year I started GOY.
So now I guess I have to live 3-4 more years!

photos later…

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How I would love to be able to grow Haas avocados...big fave of mine. just a Haas and a bit of lemon juice! Yum...

18 Sep, 2017


Plus Lori,I do have a Meyer's Lemon tree. Hand and glove for Guacamole!

18 Sep, 2017


Hass avocado is the perfect choice. Reed is my favorite, it like a giant Hass avocado. Lol! :>))

Santa Rosa Plum is my favorite, also. It's especially good when ripened on the tree.

20 Sep, 2017


Its my third attempt with Avocado. The first I grew from a pit and it after 7 years,gave huge creamy Avocado' about the 10th year,it died. Some root problem.
My second was "Dwarf Mexicola"...and after 4-5 years,it gave fruit that was far too small and not all that tasty with a sizable pit. I cut that down last year. It did have "edible" skin. If you were very hungry!

20 Sep, 2017


Wow! That's horrible you had such problems growing avocados. It's usually a very easy tree to grow in the SF Bay Area. I know some of the biggest and most beautiful avocado trees are up there in the Bay Area.

21 Sep, 2017


I know. This neighborhood has few 40' tree's Just enormous and I think never watered. They both ( largest) are the only plant in the yards. Others are big and healthy.
I miss the one I grew from pit. If it had survived? I would have marketed the variety. I had softball or bigger fruit that was very creamy oily.
It grew where I have the big Yucca guatemalensis now. It was along time ago when I was near a starter in gardening.

22 Sep, 2017


Wow! That's amazing you had such terrific avocados from a seed! I know there's a lot of beautiful larger, great-producing trees there. I know several must have been started from seed.

23 Sep, 2017


Yeah-lol- I even remember that tree started in a glass of water with toothpicks to hold it up. I was in my 20's.

23 Sep, 2017


Cold didn't kill it or did it? I do remember my first avocado I started from a seed and when it bore fruit for the first time. I was so happy! LOL!

It's been long-gone since the property was where the 87 freeway is located in San Jose now.

24 Sep, 2017


No some root disease got it...the Avocado scurge. I should have watered it less. Too good to be was a like cannonball Avocados- but oily. Not like the big watery Florida types..

24 Sep, 2017


It most likely was a West Indian species. Those are large and have a high oil content. I love those type of avocados, also!

25 Sep, 2017


I started a true Florida avocado a couple of years ago. It made a lush,full,little potted plant with leaves that did look more tropical. It died when it went too dry when we had workers doing home repair...I had to keep putting off watering with electric cords all over the place.
I might start one of those again. Maybe one day give it to somebody who wants a really different avocado tree.

26 Sep, 2017


Unfortunately, potted plants generally can't tolerate much drought. They are not as forgiving as plants, trees in the ground.

26 Sep, 2017

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