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December blooms.


By stan510


I went around and took pics of blooms around the yards.
Mild winter…just so different from last years rain ’o rama.
Irene Nuss

Bonstedt Gartenmeister.

Charles Grimaldi

Stephanotis floribunda


Cotyledon ‘Pigs Ears’

Unknown Aloe

Left side of a Jade Plant.

Firesticks- almost like a bloom!

Iochroma sp.


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Lovely photos, some unusual plants.

10 Dec, 2017


Having woken to snow this morning the sight of your lovely blooms really cheered me up! The Brugmansia is so showy and I have never seen a Jade plant flower (called a Money Tree over here), Bouganvillea and Stephanotis flowering are just a distant memory. But I think the Euphorbia Fire Sticks is the one I would really like. Thanks for cheering us all up on a winter's day.

10 Dec, 2017


The Stephanotis brought back memories. We used to grow it and I loved it.

No snow here in the South but grey and bleak. (The wind has died down thank Goodness.) Good to see some colour.

10 Dec, 2017


lots of lovely colour and they looks exotic.

10 Dec, 2017


Thanks all. We are still in the 18C range. Sunny and clear.
Money/Jade plants are getting near peak bloom. I hope to find good photos around town. I think my city has more of them per block than any other city in California. "Pass from neighbor to neighbor or over the fence" plants.

10 Dec, 2017


Wow, this is fantastic! I shall try to get hold of that Pigs Ears for my succulent collection. Its a stunner. Those Fire Sticks too! And I can just see myself standing under Charles Grimaldi and breathing in that heady perfume....but not for long...its a real headache maker up close isn’t it. Which just demontrates that too much of a good thing is a bad thing!! Lol!

13 Dec, 2017


Charles Grimaldi can be a strong scent in warm evenings Karen. This time of year..not so strong. Its a easy keep..but does have some peculiar requirements- cool,but not cold, always a wet soil, warm but not hot temps.
All over town these are brightening up December.

Firesticks is actually most fiery in winters cool temps.They also it turns out..tends to lose all color as they become more then fence tall or so. Reverting to greenish.

13 Dec, 2017


:) thanks Stan

14 Dec, 2017

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