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I drove by a local Mall.


By stan510


To give you an idea of what looks like what here in the SF bay area. A few photo’s.

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Intrigued by the lumps near the tops of the trunks of the palms. How does that work then?

13 Feb, 2018


Those trees just make me think of 'Hotel California' (The Eagles) album cover!

13 Feb, 2018


The trees look positively alien and make me think of a slapstick comedy film about a road race where the people were hoping to find a fortune. It was hidden, under similar trees that formed a letter of the alphabet.

Exotic-looking plants.

13 Feb, 2018


Ster- those are the buds of the palms (photo near Staples) They really should not prune fronds from really weakens the palms. If you look at my Avocado orchard post,Queen palms are full and bushy in peoples yards.

These are the tallest palms you will see in California Shirley..they also self sow if any water is near them. Despite their native habitat being 1,000 miles south they like it here like native plants.
I saw that Movie!.. Criss Crossed palm tree's. 1962 I think it was.
Now? A burger chain does that in front of all their stores. If its tropical? Coconut palms. If its in Seattle? Trachycarpus!..a palm for every climate.

14 Feb, 2018


What does 'Liberty Tax Drop Off ' mean ?

14 Feb, 2018


I wondered that too Diane.
Re "lumps! Oh I see it now. Have to say the bushy ones look nicer don't you thhnk? I wonder why they do it.

14 Feb, 2018


Sort of think that comes to mind when we here California mentioned!

19 Feb, 2018


Its been a very sunny winter. Even when chilly..warm sun all day.
Liberty is the name of the Tax preparer. I guess they have a drop off. I wouldn't want do it that why myself...deductions,etc..wink.

20 Feb, 2018


It always looks so clean and tidy. Is it the sunshine not creating damp patches of moss and mildew, are you Americans tidier than us Brits and does the paintwork stay cleaner over there, or do people paint more often? So many questions - but it looks lovely.

24 Feb, 2018

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