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Slowing down.


By stan510


I’ve noticed that the hard core fire that I had for exotic gardening..has cooled quite a bit. I started slowly in the 70’s..picked up steam in the 80’s and really got deep into it compared to before in the mid 90’s. Took master garden classes,worked in a greenhouse for a local U managing other things in the plant world.
Well,I’m older and owning every plant in the world isnt all that important. I had some funny goals too. I wanted to live long enough to stand under a Mango tree and pick ripe fruits. Even the wife laughed at that idea many years ago.
This year I did it!
But my little yard is filled and I spend more work time pruning everything back including near 50 year old tree’s I had set out from gallon cans (cans of metal in those days!) and now block the sun I need.
Covid sort of put the kibosh on taking plant photos around town..I hardly make trips I don’t need to make.
I’m not sure what the goal is anymore. I was used to that.
I see,this is my second “getting older” blog post. See? repeating myself,the sign of old age!

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My Grandma has a couple ole' favorite roses from her garden planted above her grave at Pine Lawn Cemetary. She made a mean dish of galumpkis but she still loves gardening.

12 Jan, 2021


Well, my future is with an urn-lol. Not sure where to scatter... I mean in an urn for a commoner like will just get tossed out one day by a relative or relative of a relative.
So,I guess I should make some request. Tossed into the Pacific Ocean sounds good.

12 Jan, 2021


Well, I think standing under a tree you planted yourself is quite impressive. Some of us heading through our 60's are contemplating the opposite dilemma: if we downsize and begin a new garden how likely are we to see trees and shrubs come to fruition? Does that matter? Will we still be looking at diminuitive stumps in our late seventies?!
This covid has made us revaluate many areas in our lives, I suspect, and, like you say, gardening 'goals' that once seemed really important maybe diminish as our physical horizons are forced to diminish also. I'm not sure.
I've loved looking at your plants and thank you for introducing me to ones I've never heard of! I hope you find a satisfactory answer to your dilemma, Stan.

12 Jan, 2021


Thank you all.
It's confusing times really. Talk about the perfect storm. Stages or phases of life are real. I must have hit one in April..and its setting in.

12 Jan, 2021


Don't give up Stan. I know exactly what you mean but we have to keep going...Its wonderful that you were at last able to pick mango - that's the reward of far sightedness and patience!
I hit 80 last year but still planted some new trees - somebody will get the fruit if I don't. Its the weeding that gets me down - turn around and it all needs doing again...

Stick with it, the urn can wait.

12 Jan, 2021


We're not dead yet Stan so I think we should make the most of the present and try to enjoy each day as it comes along.

13 Jan, 2021


I think as we get older we all re-evaluate our lives and this blessed Covid hasn't helped us think positive.
I agree with Yorkslass, don't give up. The sun will shine again tomorrow and you'll be drawn back out into your garden, to dig, prune and re-sow.

14 Jan, 2021


I like what Hywel said. Carpe diem 'Seize the Day' Make the most of each day.

14 Jan, 2021


Stan, put that urn all the way to the back of your mind..there’s life in the ‘old dog’ yet.
It’s been such a difficult year, very surreal and very upsetting.
Planning ahead is a good thing, but, also taking each day as it comes and enjoying every minute - come rain or shine is a wonderful thing too. We have to keep going and live for the people who aren’t here anymore. Memories will be kept alive through our generations...
Saying that, I’m being redeployed to a covid ward from Monday. It all happened very quickly. I’m feeling quite anxious and out of my comfort zone. However, if I can do some good and help others, it will sure as hell be well worth it.
Keep,safe, keep well and keep gardening - or garden planning 🪴🌴🍓🥦👍😉

16 Jan, 2021


Oh Kate, sending best wishes for your health and safety. You are doing a wonderful job. At least you will be in the front line for the vaccine if you haven't had it already!

16 Jan, 2021


Thank Sue. Yes I’m having my vaccine on Tuesday afternoon. Thank goodness..
Thank you again for your very thoughtful and kind message x

17 Jan, 2021


Good luck Kate,best wishes.
Thanks to everybody. Things are a bit turmoiled right now, so that constant posting of plant photos? Might need to take some time away from that.
Things could go back to normal..or not.

17 Jan, 2021

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