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Buying again!


Today went to a nursery I haven’t visited before, looking for a couple of specific things – neither were in stock, but couldn’t help buying stuff anyway. Got an epimedium I’ve wanted for ages, and yet another geranium – I’m a sucker for the blue ones. Oh there was a fabulous tree heather growing in a border – over five feet high and in full flower. It smelled wonderful, so now I want a tree heather! Or two… And there was a wonderful double cream coloured chanomeles which wasn’t for sale, or that would have been something else in the boot of the car. I should have taken the camera cos I’d love you to have seen it. Its so nice to have somebody to tell about these things isn’t it?

I’m going to finish up with the sort of disorganised garden where things are just popped in wherever there’s room rather than all planned out and beautiful.

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I think a randomly planted garden often works out as the most interesting, steragram, so don't worry about it - me and a lot of others are just the same I'm sure.

18 Apr, 2011


You are not alone, I never plan my garden, I actually just put plants anywhere without thoughts, they usually work out alright, at least I think so.. and they agree with me. lol

18 Apr, 2011


I was planting aconite today and thought the same thing... I was trying to squeeze them in here and there since I really didn't have a lot of room. I like the way big masses of plants look but there are just too many plants to choose from and not enough space. Sometimes I buy something and it just doesn't look as I'd wanted it to, or a few of them die, or something does work and I want more but I get tempted by another species. I think in my case it works out OK because I have mostly shade and nothing that has a long flowering season - and a lot of shade plants have interesting foliage, so you see a lot of shades of green.

19 Apr, 2011


I have dug back the grass by 18" all along one border to get more plants in !!
still 2 borders to go :o)

19 Apr, 2011


There's a girl after my own heart, Seaburngirl :-))))

Steragram, i love epimediums too and have a growing collection ;-)
That chaenomeles sounds gorgeous too, i bought C. 'Pink Lady' last week !

We have similar tastes !

19 Apr, 2011


Thanks for the encouragement, M & M! I find no matter how carefully I allow for growth I never get it right. Lauram, I had planned a shade border but the field voles ate right through the tall cotoneaster that was supposed to shade it and now it is sunny until late afternoon. If you have moist shade you have a choice of some beauties.

Louise, I wondered whether the double one would be sterile - will have to go back in the autumn and see if it has any little quinces on it. Enjoy your Pink Lady - so many to choose from and so hard to decide!
This epimedium is my first one and I haven't yet decided where its going - I think its going to involve making a new bed and sharing with some pulmonarias.

19 Apr, 2011


New beds are always good, Steragram ;-)

I have my (numerous!) epimediums in north facing borders and they establish really quickly, their flowers are gorgeous, i love their form :-)
In sunny aspects they struggle, their foliage loses its colour and the flowers fade - not really surprising though as they are shade lovers.

20 Apr, 2011

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