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Amaryllis for Balcony


Managed it! Feeding has started.

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Well done Stera - and you have reminded me that I must feed mine in fact I will go and do it now !!

18 May, 2016


Sorry to have taken so long in finding this photo, Stera. I've been on GoY several times since you posted it but I've been busy writing PMs to several people & reading a few blogs or commenting on photos that I haven't got around to reading all the blogs in my news feed.

Glad to see at least one of the bulbs I sent you has flowered! That must have been the one with a bud just showing in its neck when I posted it to you.

Now that it has finished flowering put it in a sunny place & keep it watered like any plant. You can also give it a liquid feed once a week when you water it. It shouldn't need watering more than once a week anyway, unless the weather gets particularly hot. (you never know with our climate!) I use an all round fertilizer till about the end of June when I switch to a high potash one like tomato or rose till the end of August. Just be careful never to leave these bulbs in a saucer of water for more than a few hours or it could lead to the roots rotting & the loss of your bulb. Remember these plants have thick, fleshy roots & these rot quite easily. Better to keep them on the dry side than to let them sit in water for any length of time.

As always, you can get in touch with me if you have any questions about them.

22 May, 2016


Both bulbs flowered. - the stem on the first one has dried up as it flowered a while ago.
Thank you for all the advice! They won't stay too wet where they are as they are in a south facing conservatory. I do tend to underwater things generally.
They have had a couple of feeds already and are looking pretty healthy.

23 May, 2016


Just looked up this blog. Is that a Amazonian lily in the picture. I was very lucky as a child. Because of my father's job I lived in a lot of countries. 1 of them being Brazil and we had an Amazonian lily growing in our garden. I have a photo my dad took of me standing next to it holding the flowering head for him.

6 Jun, 2016


Hi, Jen, welcome to GoY! :-))

Amazonian Lily could be a possible name for Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) as I believe it originates in South America.

The modern hybrids look very different from the species plants in the wild now after centuries of hybridization.

9 Jun, 2016


Steragram: Your blog made me feel guilty. We have our Amaryllis plants in a bedroom and I am forever complaining about them. They are large and take up room and in between are orchid plants that keep falling over sometimes scattering earth on the unit tops.
Occasionally I water them only to be told I shouldn't have done that so that's something else to grumble about.

Must say when they are in bloom they are beautiful flowers. I posted some images of ours a couple of years ago and the plants are still doing well (no thanks to me).

13 Jul, 2016


Thank you for the welcome :-). My dad brought a couple of these plants back with him and kept them going for years and its those that look so much like the ones in the picture. Over here they were never the same size as the ones we had in Brazil.

14 Jul, 2016


Eirlys, I quite sympathise with you! I agree these plants take up a lot of room on a windowsill reason why I take all my plants down to the allotment in May every year!

Before I did that I used to move them out of the flat and put them on the balcony from May till October.

The plants you see here, Jennie, are the big Dutch hybrids which explains why they seem bigger than the ones you used to grow before coming to the UK.

14 Jul, 2016

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