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Fuchsias 3


Just a few late flowerers
Bernisser Never seems to grow any bigger…

Gladys Lorimer

Lady Thumb (I was mistaken saying I’d lost this one…)

New Milenium

Rose of Denmark
This is a better photo than the one in blog2

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Some very nice ones there Sue. A few I haven't heard of :o) New Milenium is beautiful.

8 Aug, 2016


Wonderful - and so useful. With 3 blogs it's as though you have given us lucky GoYers our own Fuchsia catalogue!

9 Aug, 2016


When I moved I gave all but a few of my garden pots that I had collected about 30,to my neighbour. Not the side that smashed my greenhouse but the other side. The reason being that we were downsizing and taking a great leap of faith so had to keep cost down with the move. She lived in the Arms houses and was a widow and loved gardening. She was a lovely lady and was always out in her garden. She was upset that we moved and says she misses us but I think it was more our cat as Star would spend her afternoons sitting with her on her garden bench :-). I don't begrudge her any of them but seeing your fushsia collection really makes me wish I had kept more so could cover my patio in fushsias! Your collection is wonderful. Oh well just means I will have to start my pot collection all over again and oh dear, go shopping :-).

9 Aug, 2016


Jen I could try to take some cuttings for you if you like ?
If you want hardy ones you are better going on line than shopping locally as the choice is often limited - round here anyway they are mostly tender bedding ones. (Although you might be OK at Bridgemere, though it isn't what it used to be)

Lol Sheila, you'd be better looking at Hywel's blogs for a catalogue!

Hywel I think New Millennium is very similar to Black Beauty which might be a better choice as mine flowers rather late and hasn't grown very big.

9 Aug, 2016


Sue, that is so very kind of you! I would need full dummies intructions on how o look after them :-). I have been thinking of getting a climbing one next year, what are they like to look after?

9 Aug, 2016


Another great blog on Fuchsias, Sue! Straight into my Favourites! You inspired me to do my own blog on my Fuchsias on the balcony at home. The last time I did a blog on Fuchsias it was because I was inspired by Hywel!

I spent an hour or so earlier "reminiscing" some of my blogs. I found a couple I'd written in previous years - one was on Fuchsia standards.

9 Aug, 2016


Jen I've never grown a climbing one so I can't help there. They don't really climb, just grow tall and have to be tied in.
Do you have a Homebase anywhere near you? I noticed today that ours had a couple of hardy ones.

Go for it Balcony!

9 Aug, 2016


Yes there is one in the nearest town about 4-5 miles away. Thank you I will have to go and have a look when I next go do the banking.

10 Aug, 2016


Just today I took a cutting of my Lady Boothby fuchsia. I hope it roots as the last time they just dried up on me & I have been left with the only plant & no backups.

It's supposed to grow very high but mine has been in the same tub for about 3 or 4 years & it has never got higher than about 1m (3ft), if that even!

10 Aug, 2016


I haven't got anywhere a "climbing" one could go.

11 Aug, 2016


Being as it's not a true climber & only produces very long, very thin stems it would need some attention pretty frequent I would imagine, but as mine has never grown tall I can't say what attention it might need.

17 Aug, 2016


Jen are there any particular cuttings you would like? I could send just the cuttings well wrapped up or try to root them here.

17 Aug, 2016

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