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Song for tired gardeners


Thought this up the other day when it summed up exactly how I felt. Sing to the tune of Lily Marlene.

I have had enough
although it isn’t done.
When you are exhausted
it ceases to be fun.
A nice cup of tea is calling me
A gentle read
A cup of tea
A glow of satisfaction
Soaking up the sun.

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Nice to be able to compose something. It's a talent. Did it help you feel better … ?
When I'm tired/exhausted I daydream about what I'm going to do when I've recovered :) but it never seems to work out lol

15 Oct, 2018


Hi Sue, really enjoyed that, good job I'm old enough to know the tune!!, Derek.

15 Oct, 2018


My husband is watching the football and gave me a funny look as I was quietly humming 'your' tune!!

Such wise words and they really fit how I feel at the moment, just the sunshine is missing!!!

15 Oct, 2018


Yes Hywel, it summed up how I felt exactly!

Thought it was worth chancing the tune as lots of us on here can probably remember it, lol...
Derek and Wildrose, did you sing naughtier words to it when you were at school??? I remember one that started "Underneath the gas lamp by the Norfolk Arms...)

16 Oct, 2018


Can't say I know that one Stera - perhaps you could enlighten me!!!?

17 Oct, 2018


Hi Sue, now you mention it I think we did have other words for it, along with several other tunes, popular at the time, can't repeat them on here though, even if I could remember them, Derek.

17 Oct, 2018


Is that the one sung by Marlene Dietrich?

if so then my brothers had alternative words too!

18 Oct, 2018


You've just struck the right note,
I must say.
Even though the garden tasks
Will never go away.
The sky's very dark
The lawns are wet
So gardening today
Is off, you bet.
I think I'll join you, Stera
And have a lovely cup of tea!

18 Oct, 2018


Lol Eirlys! That tune just asks for ity doesn't it? I'm not surprised there are lots of other words...
The one I remember was Underneath the gas lamp, By the Norfolk Arms - So and so met so and so and kissed beneath their arms... How it went on I never managed to find out. It probably was what the lads at the time thought was very naughty but I guess it would be tame today...

18 Oct, 2018


Stera: I had a booklet once of Forces songs, or at least their versions. Didn't buy it on purpose : it was included in a Jumble bundle! They were all very tame: more innocent days then.

20 Oct, 2018


Oh yes - I remember the kind of daring "student songs" that were sung in the so called permissive 60's, nudge nudge, wink wink...

2 Nov, 2018

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