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Why is digging over a very neglected plot like a box of chocolates?

Answer tomorrow

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Hi Sue, can't wait for the answer, Derek.

3 Oct, 2019


Lol - when you know the answer its easy!

3 Oct, 2019


Hi Sue, when you know the answer ALL questions are easy lol, Derek.

3 Oct, 2019


'you never know what you're gonna get'?

3 Oct, 2019


You will find "treasures"?

3 Oct, 2019


It has turned from neglected soil,into 'Black Magic'?

3 Oct, 2019


You come up with all sorts.

4 Oct, 2019


Bathgate is right.
Forrest Gump...

5 Oct, 2019


Some brilliant ideas there (better than mine...)- but the answer was you keep on digging long after you're tired though you know you should stop - like eating chocolates...

Sorry to be late with the answer.

5 Oct, 2019


Hi Sue, very true, you don't care at the time, but you pay for it the next day, OUCH !!!, Derek.

6 Oct, 2019


I don't stop until I get the cherry liqueur chocolate. Luckily I've learn how to spot them straight away so minimal damage.

6 Oct, 2019


Hurray, its working again!!! Not sure why it wanted me to log in with my email address rather than name this time - OH thought of trying that, bless him. It hasn't asked me to log in for many months as its always has remembered me,so maybe I just forgot when I suddenly had to fill the form in.. I've been following everything anyway.

Bath you can have my cherry liqueurs if I can have your fudges and coffee creams...

11 Oct, 2019


- - throw in a caramel cluster and you've got a deal! hurry before your turn into a pumpkin again!

11 Oct, 2019


Sorry, no deal...

12 Oct, 2019

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