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fence update


By steve


just had a 4×6 foot hurdle made and delivered , to screen the bin area in front of some existing hurdles. nicely made ,so asked him to make 7 6×6 hurdles for the side of our garden and also 7 2×6 trellis in a similar fashion , to sit on top and provide screening from the build next door . he suggested using chestnut stakes to the full 8 foot height , which would allow for easy fixing of the trellis.
so in the new year i will be ripping up the old fencing and fitting rustic hurdles , and in the spring , planting some new climbers to cover the trellis. had some good suggestions from an earlier question , on climbers.
there is also a weeping cherry tree which is looking half dead , we will cut down and design an arbour , also made from hurdle , to fit into this area , this should give us privacy into our conservatory.
this time of year it’s nice to sit and plan ahead , the weather at present , prevents any gardening , so a whole list of jobs is awaiting a lull in rain/wind.
i will create a blog with photos to accompany when i start this job. in the meantime i can sit and plan , with a nice glass of wine , in front of the woodburner and hope for better weather!…………………steve

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The last paragraph sounds like a great idea. Cheers!!!

2 Dec, 2008


Wood burners are a great blessing, aren't they! Did you read that they are selling VERY fast at the moment?
Cut the cherry tree down ASAP - more firewood!

Sounds like a good plan for the fencing - glad it's working out for you.

2 Dec, 2008


thanks for the comments guys , but can't find my blog anywhere, got to it via your anyway, cheers wagger , and yes spritzhenry, that will make a lot of kindling wood!!
i had trouble getting logs this year , had to wait 6 weeks for a load , me thinks you are correct , lots more fires = demand for logs. i got 2cu.metres , so should last all winter(hopefully).

3 Dec, 2008


hi its me again, found the blog in 'latest blogs' i was in 'this week blogs' , and i thought no one was blogging , just stupid old me in the wrong screen.......doh!!!!..............................steve

3 Dec, 2008


It would be nice to see photos of the work in progress. Should look good when finished too.

4 Dec, 2008


yes blodyn, i agree , a before , during & after set of pics should do the blog justice. just bought an agricultural post to support the 6x4 hurdle by the dustdins, might take a before & after picture and post on goy , saturday if weather is ok!..........steve

5 Dec, 2008

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