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By steve


had to work sat, arrived home late afternoon and found all the veggies planted out by wifey.runner beans, courgettes. squash, all looking good.continued on sun , in the main garden , moving a few shrubs around, ditching two and buying a new hydrangea.and spent mon redoing the greenhouse screening to stop the toms from sun burning , all in all , a very pleasant bank holiday weekend, better than the usual rain & winds we normally get!!! hope everybody else had a good weekend……… steve

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Oh dear, is it time to paint the greenhouse glass ? We've only had one day of sunshine down here, though more is promised.. Used to be able to buy spray cans but couldn't find any last year. Much easier than mixing up buckets of white stuff and getting out the brushes!.

6 May, 2008


Meep! I forgot about painting the greenhouse glass - never done it before - can anyone tell me what to use and where to get it please?!

6 May, 2008


Sid "cool glass" is specificaly for the job, it's supposed to change with the weather. I have been using 3 parts water to 1 part emulsion paint. This year i'm trying some green net, forgot what it's called, but it said on the label that it's for keeping the sun from burning plants. I have been fastening it to the inside of the greenhouse roof (don't know if it'll work as it's the first time i've tried it. I'm sure there are others as well - take your pick!

7 May, 2008


hi all, just an update on the greenhouse shading.
i have hung one net from the inside of the roof , down to the floor, following the shape of the sides.a 2nd net has been hung vertically, at the middle of the roof, to provide a front screen. inside this area is completely shaded, which suits the tomatoes.but i have another area in the front half which i can grow peppers etc , which like the full sun.the front of the greenhouse faces south, if yours faces a different way you would maybe need to modify the above.hope this is helpfull........steve

8 May, 2008


Thanks for the advice! I too have toms and peppers, so some creative netting might be in order!

8 May, 2008


you're welcome sid, bye the way , i strung garden wire across the greenhouse and draped the netting over , so it should stay put, i think string may rot.....steve

9 May, 2008

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