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Removing Ivy.


Well after all your comments I thought i’d just trim a 1/4 of the fence from ivy from the bottom. Started behind the shed and going ok until I removed a big dead branch which took half of the top away. Then had a wacking great hole at the top which looked silly so decided to clear the whole fence.

Also the amount of spiders was unreal which freaked me out a little but felt really guilty when I removed what i thought was an old spiders web and found it to be a cocoon with a heavily pregnant female hiding inside. She wouldn’t move for anything except a camera. Time I went inside and come back out with camera she’d gone! lol

Now really don’t know what to do with the rest!
Shall i carry on with risk of revealing more cocoons?
Also, trimming the bottom could end up like the panel behind the shed with massive holes appearing at the top from big dead branches that i’m pulling out?
I’m now feeling all cooty! lol

Few more pics on how it finished up yesterday, finish it in the week now

Composter slowly dissapering.

2 panels cleared

1 to go which will be the most awkward as gotta get behind the staghorn and between new plants & shrubs. Oh joyus, can’t wait!! lol

The good thing is that I don’t regret starting it as I thought I might. Already the plants and shrubs are standing out more as the ivy dissapears.
Lick of fence ife to match shed and other panels and should look ok!
Will do a new blog when all finished!
Thanks for looking guys

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Thats what happened with me Steve, it looked worse when i "trimmed" it so had no choice really, besides the neighbours fence is thin panel and i know for a fact she would hand us the bill for a new one if the ivy damaged it!
I think i would give the bottom a light trim, then next spring before your border comes back to life, take it out if thats what your wanting to do or give it a proper haircut, it will look scraggy for a while but it soon grows again,..

31 May, 2010


Also going to be a pain in the ass getting behind the shrubs and staghorn tree. Fancy a trip to Essex and come do ours Dee? lol

31 May, 2010


Hahaha, yeah right, you should see my back fence, Phew, former neighbour planted wild ivy, you know the one that you see growing over fences and through tree's in the countryside, well, its growing between the glass in my greenhouse, its strangling my honeysuckle and parts of it were black stained with soot!!! ive hosed it down but next year hopefully with neighbours permission we will take it out. Its a pity really because the birds love it, there's 3 active nests in there atm..But it has to go :) Good Luck with whatever you decide to do :)

31 May, 2010


Sod that, this is bad enough! Fingers crossed for honeysuckle next year.
Sure you don't fancy a trip to Essex? You & hubs will love it here! Nice bit of seaside Rock!! lol

31 May, 2010


Take it all down and start afresh, get some nice colourful climbers in there Steve.

31 May, 2010


I am currently in the process of it all coming down.
Have just removed 2 main roots and it was coming off in big sections. Now got as far as behind staghorn and it's not coming off that easily now. Must be another root somewhere.
I've lost count on how many spider cocoons & ant nests i've destroyed.
Might just call it a day now and finish in the week or the weekend.

31 May, 2010


you can do far to much in one day Steve, go get your feet up

31 May, 2010


Were out to a BBQ tonight otherwise i'd carry on. Got more done than I thought as kept stopping to watch the airshow going over us! lol

31 May, 2010


enjoy your barbie tonight,

31 May, 2010


I will Val thank you.

31 May, 2010


Hope you enjoyed your barbie.

31 May, 2010


thhis is what happened to us to steve and looked hidious and the fence was coming away with tangled clenching ivy branches, so i got rid all together, i would loose the lot if i were you steve and get something of your own choice, a fresh start ;o)) we found nests to in ours from last year amazing like terreced housing hahah, hope you enjoyed BBQ ;o)) rain here today ;o((

1 Jun, 2010


Yep the whole lot is coming down and not sure what will go there instead, maybe some clematis or another fast climber.
BBQ was good but felt rough as think I done to much in the garden. Had a weasy chest and was aching. Got plenty of rain here today Sandra. Won't be finishing the ivy today thats for sure when i get home from work.
Going to add a couple of pics to this blog in a mo on where i've got up to.

1 Jun, 2010


WoW, I can't believe the fencing didn't break :) Good job there Steve, Once its painted it will look fab, and yes, the plants will show up more now, Can hardly wait to see it finished lol..

1 Jun, 2010


your lucky steve my fence had rotted and the ivy was like super glued to fence lol just wouldnt let go, so once you take it all of, a scrub down a lick of fence paint, will look new again ;o))

1 Jun, 2010


Yes this was stuck like glue but got it off and fence is ok suprising enough! It's a bit bowed at the bottom on neighbours side where the main roots are!

2 Jun, 2010


I hate Ivy, it so clever though, you pull it out and you think you have won but it still finds a way. Keep an eye out for it sprouting again Steve, it will wait until your back is turned LOL. bit like the Day of the Triffids LOL Have a rest now and make sure you get your wind back before you start again.

3 Jun, 2010


Yes i'm not a fan of it either Olive. The roots are still alive as i've not killed it totally. Can't get to the roots to dig it up as its between the 2 fences. Just found out that the landlord liked the ivy....Oooooppppsssss. He's in for a shock

5 Jun, 2010


Oh well it wouldn't do for us all to be alike - the only thing that is good about it is the little creatures it supports and helps thrive. You will have to do a bit of creeping (to your landlord) yourself! I am sure he will get to like it when he sees what you have made of that garden, you have done a great job. You can always tell him that the fence was going to collapse under the strain of the ivy and you have saved him money by taking down the stuff. That would maybe ease his pain LOL :o)

5 Jun, 2010


He's seen the garden a couple of weeks ago when the ivy was still there and loved what i'd done to it so far. He just stood there mouth open and took pics for his parents as they used to live there years ago.
He did say I can do whatever I like to it so I'll just tell him that it got a disease and had to come down! Not far from the truth as it was in such a bad way

5 Jun, 2010


That is a good idea Steve - bless anyone who sees it will be impressed you've done a great job. Keep enjoying it - but remember to find time to relax in it. That is what a garden is for also. I love it in my garden, but sometimes think I do more work than relaxing in it, have to make time, which isn't always that easy, because I help with one of my local cricket teams doing teas and fund raising and that takes up a lot of my spare time. But am retired and looking forward to the day when my other half retires so that we can relax together in the garden, well thats my plan and hope it turns into reality. LOL :O)))))

6 Jun, 2010

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